Slide rocks side to side on JHP 45acp

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  1. pops1800

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    HI folks, a newbie here with a question.
    Put about 350 rounds down range with absolutely no problems.
    Disassembled the weapon for a good cleaning and for the 1st time it wasn't
    to bad. Reassembled and racked the slide and all appears well. I did notice that there is a rocking motion in the slide from side to side. Was wandering if that is normal or if I messed up the assembly somehow. Any replies would be much appreciated.
  2. Think1st

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    There will likely be a little play in it. They aren't built with really tight tolerances, something that allows them to run for so long without a lot of cleaning.

  3. cicpup

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    Normal. Designed that way. Go put another 350 rounds down range with absolutely no problems. Then I suggest ice cream.
  4. Double dipped with sprinkles.
  5. jwright

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    sprinkles are for winners!!!...... so yeah with sprinkles sounds like you have a winner
  6. planosteve

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    Can I have a cold beer instead of ice cream?:D
  7. missiledefender

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    Can I have a Cold Beer FLOAT?

    These things are the AK-47 of pistols. Big, klunky, not pretty but with such wide tolerances...they RUN and run. How much play too? Does it effect accuracy?
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