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  1. mr_flintstone

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    I started watching the old tv series Sliders yesterday. Only watched two episodes so far, but in the Pilot, communism had taken over the United States, and in episode 2, a Pandemic had taken over the Earth. Looking through the list of episodes, there’s one where hippies rule the US, one where Men are viewed as the weaker sex, and Hilary Clinton is President, and that’s just in the first few episodes. I found it strange how prophetic the series was. The “sliders” are trying to escape these worlds that today’s Left are trying to create.

    Oh. I thought about whether this should go in the dark rooms, but it’s really about a TV show rather than politics; so I put it here.
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  2. cicpup

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    It's their playbook. It was a good show but be warned, kinda takes a hard nose dive after the first couple seasons.
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  3. MaryB

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    It was an okay series... kinda started to drag on though with the same basic plot every show.
  4. Dubar

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    I must be hungry, I thought you were talking about the hamburgers they would serve in the chief's mess :confused:

    I never watched it, but then again I usually don't start watching a show until it's been on for a couple of years and about to end.
  5. @Dubar that's the 1st thing that came to my mind too!
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  6. Zorba

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    I remember the show well, but I too thought of White Castle!
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    I'm currently watching the Stargate SG1 series in order of season and episode. In the past I've only sporadically watched a few episodes; however, my wife and I moved to a different location last June. Temporarily using an over-the-air-TV-antenna while moving into the new home, I began watching COMET TV late at night after unpacking boxes all day long. I got hooked on the series. Interestingly, there was a total of 214 episodes in a 10 year period when the series was originally on. Now the reruns are running three episodes per night.

    Other TV series that I enjoyed in the past was Continuum and also Star Trek Enterprise. It seems Star Trek Enterprise was not as well received by Trekies as well as other Star Trek series were. I liked it because there were occasional minor systems indications indicating they a system was not working correctly causing the crew would wonder, "What's it (the ship) doing now." Scenarios like this occurred most often when the ship was leaving a space port after the completion of repairs on ships systems. Then a short while later for no reason the system on its own would begin working perfectly and never failed again. Stuff like that happens occasionally on mechanically technical equipment in real life. I thought it cool that the director's technical advisers would incorporate situations like that in this TV series.
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  8. Rachgier

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    This thread inspired corned beef sliders from a brisket I made this morning and served on toasted garlic and cheddar biscuits with baked beans and twice baked potatoes.
  9. FlashBang

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    Sliders was better when it first came out, after it ran for awhile it started going down hill. I preferred Quantum Leap myself.
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  10. lklawson

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    There's so much crap on TV these days that I've stopped watching much of it, particularly new content.

    I enjoy watching TCM type movies, particularly some of the Sam Spade type flicks and a lot of the Thin Man series. I've also watched a good bit of streaming shows. I watched Man in the High Castle. It was OK but I didn't really like the ending. I watched The Boys second season and hated the meta-message. I may not watch Season 3. I started Amazon's Utopia but stopped at episode 2 because I hated the murder of a character for no apparent reason other than to show the viewer that who they think are "good guys" aren't. Screw that. I don't watch fiction to see humans being horrible to each other. I've got the 6 o'clock news for that.

    I did watch the last Terminator flick. It was pretty good but deleted the two or three prior flicks; which pissed me off.

    I started to re-watch Affleck's Daredevil but it is a pretty meh movie. Made me re-start the Netflix MCU Daredevil series, which is excellent. The intro ha s my favorite Weeping Angle.

    I'm still watching the Walking Dead and spinoffs. They seem to be mostly avoiding politics, I think. But we'll see how The World Beyond plays out.

    But I spend more time doing martial arts and gun stuff than TV.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  11. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    Try re-watching Quantum Leap. It's hard.

    Back when it came out I enjoyed MacGyver. I re-watched a few of the old episodes recently and didn't realize how much it was portraying the liberal agenda.

    OTOH, the local throw-back channel has Buck Rogers on nazi repeat; every Saturday the play an episode, relooping the two seasons. The first season was fun. The second season kinda sucks. The Wilma character wore a lot more mini-skirts, and she had the legs for it, but I hated the way they tried to "soften" the character. They didn't need to. She was smoke'n hot in those skin tight spandex Lamé catsuits too. And the writing went from hit-or-miss in the first season to 99% miss. <feh!> But the same channel has Linda Carter's Wonder Woman. I had such a crush on her back in the day. Stories are, like Buck Rogers, hit-or-miss. Watch it on mute. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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  12. MaryB

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    One of the channels should rerun the Star Trek universe in Chronological order... Enterprise, Discovery, ST original, TNG, then Deep Space Nine.
  13. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    BBC America runs them.

    Peace favor your sword,
  14. moona11

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    CBS all access has them all.
  15. Twisty

    Twisty Simple by choice Supporting Member

    I'm watching it right now on Comet.
  16. mr_flintstone

    mr_flintstone Supporting Member

    I agree 1st season of Buck Rogers was pretty good. Then it became disco in space.

    I have to admit that I liked Battlestar Galactica. The original series, not that political jumbo-jumbo remake. I still remember Apollo’s speech about peace through strength.
  17. Twisty

    Twisty Simple by choice Supporting Member

    The channel Hero's & Icons has all of them except Discovery.
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  18. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    Don't get that channel, and I am to cheap to pay for CBS All Access for just one series...
  19. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I think Netflix has all the old ones, and the movies.
  20. Think1st

    Think1st Supporting Member

    Good show! I was addicted to it back when it was on the air.
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  21. Think1st

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    I wish Battle Star Galactica had gone more than one season. That Battle Star Galactica 1980, which followed it, was a huge disappointment. Lorne Greene's Commander Adama character was the only original one left in it if I recall correctly. It was pretty weak.
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