Slugs and armor?

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  1. Would a 12g slug be able to defeat the armor of the Los Angeles bank robbers? Classic Arms got me to thinking because he just got a new shipment of Saiga's in stock. A 25 round drum full of semi auto slugs could put a hurting on someone.

  2. I am quite sure it would at the minimum break any bone it hit and cause severe tissue damage. One ounce of lead going at 1500fps is gonna hurt.

    Even if it didnt penetrate, I would hazzard a guess that it would have taken them off of their feet.
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  4. Slug to the chest would not penetrate, but would have knocked that SOB down and taken every bit of air out of his lungs. Most people have had the wind knocked out of them at some point and know it's nearly as good as getting tazed.
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    Nope, a slug wont penetrate it will just hurt like no other. Depending on location of the hit, it very well could break bones or cause internal injuries. I would venture to say that a slug in the heart area, even with armor could cause serious issues and possibly death.
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    Im sure it can kill someone even though it doesnt penetrate. I saw a video of a Ninjitsu guy using what they fall a "hammer punch" to hit around the heart area. They said it would have enough force to kill em. With a slug flying at 1000+ fps, im sure its gonna kill em if it hits the right spot.
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    Just as a reminder... Discussions on defeating body armor are a NO NO here on the forum. Though I do not feel that this thread has crossed the line I just thought I would post this as a friendly reminder.
  8. Classic Arms has a great deal on the Saiga.

    I almost wish I had waited to get one but alas. Its mainly a savings of about 30 dollars but still.
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    It would have been far better than what the cops already had to use against the bank robbers, that's for sure. I don't know what's up with cities around the country not consistently giving their LEOs decent combat rifles and the training to use them.
  10. It seems to me the Saiga is a missed opportunity in law enforcement. Why have a Remmy 870 or a Mossy 500 when you could have a Saiga12? The price is right and I think its a prooven, reliable weapon.
  11. I totally agree, the only downside could be if we go back to bad terms with the russians parts may be difficult to get
  12. Even better than a Saiga!
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    now i'm pretty sure some of those frag-12 rounds would cause some damage :twisted:
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  15. hmhmhm 25rnds alternate slug and 00buck sooner or later your gonna get lucky and hit the sob in the face with either round they are dead!
  16. I have a 20 round drum on order for mine, and that is exactly what I am going to do, alternate 00 buck and slugs
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    IIRC th LA Bank guys were wearing sapi plates at the time so I would think it would be like taking a baseball bat to the chest, but being allowed to wear a big city phone book for it
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    I don't doubt that it would hurt like hell, but if it doesn't knock you off of your feet shooting it, it won't knock them off of theirs. Simple physics.

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    You know I saw that on Mythbusters. But every sniper shot I see on video that hits the guy in his body armor knocks the guy down.