Smack my C9 in the a...

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by daveindenver, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. daveindenver

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    I have to smack my C9 in the aft end of the slide to get the first round to chamber. Not fun any more.

    So I got my C9 back from MOM after a barrel swap some misc cycling probs. Now it hits the target and cycles great; except I get a lot of first round hangs when I rack the first round and I have to smack it the a... Thought this would go away but it has not. Never a problem with auto chambering a round after firing.

    Yes I rack it all the way back. And I've tried slamming the slide back hoping the bounce back would chamber the 1st round. No luck.

    More ramp polishing? Mag lowers? Spring?
  2. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    It could be a weak recoil spring, call MOM and ask for one. Couldn't hurt.. Polishing the ramp could fix it as well, which is probably what I would try. Don't think you have a magazine problem.

    What ammunition? If you have only used one brand, maybe another? If it's working fine when it auto_cycles your problem is minor. You can't hand rack it as violently as it will on its own. My guess is that a fluff and buff will fix it for you.
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  3. SavageGuy

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    Try different ammo. Brass cased preferably.
  4. adam01364

    adam01364 Lifetime Supporter

    ^^what SavageGuy said ^^
  5. Cynical

    Cynical Well-Known Member

    I experienced that with Tula. Brass and aluminum rounds no issues
  6. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Might be time for the bore brush on a drill to clean the chamber really well.
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  7. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    Have you cleaned and oiled all the sliding/mating parts? The dolls head, the front of the slide where the barrel protrudes, and the the inside sides of the slide where it rubs on the frame?

    If none of the other stuff works, take it down and look for burs on all of those mating surfaces.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  8. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    Does it do it if you load one less round in the mag?
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  9. daveindenver

    daveindenver Supporting Member

    Good idea! Will give that a try.
  10. daveindenver

    daveindenver Supporting Member

    Thanks for tips!
    I thought about a recoil spring. Would a spring function differently with a solid hand-rack vs. an auto-rack?

    More (better) ramp work is first on my list I guess. Where is my Dremel...
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  11. daveindenver

    daveindenver Supporting Member

    That sounds a lot like cleaning. Are we suppose to do that? ;)

    I have not done more than a wipe down with an oil cloth on the gun, mags and reachable bits... and I always snake of course. I've always been skimpy on any lube I use to ovoid buildup which causes more and different problems. I'll try your suggestion first before I put my non-existent gunsmith skills to use.
  12. daveindenver

    daveindenver Supporting Member

    I use multiple types of when I go out. (I try to blame poor shooting on the ammo as much a possible.) I have not logged this prob with diff ammo... this 1st round chamber problem is so common. But I will start.

    I only shoot brass now. Tested with everything in the past.
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  13. daveindenver

    daveindenver Supporting Member

    Now that's a trick I'd like to try some time. But for now the round is down on the feed ramp. (( I hope my describing the problem as "not chambering" was too vague or even misleading. ))
  14. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    So it's not so much a failure to go in to battery problem as it is failing to feed?

    When you said you have to smack the back of the slide, I assumed the round was in the chamber, but not fully seated.

    Now it seems like you're describing a nose down failure to feed where the rounds dives in to the ramp and doesn't even male the chamber.

    Edit: You are racking it like a slingshot right. Pull all the way back and let go? Not riding the slide forward?
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  15. WECSOG

    WECSOG Well-Known Member

    Choot it. Then choot it some more. After you're done with that, choot it yet more.;)

    No seriously, if you haven't put several (preferably 10 or more) boxes of ammo through it, it's not broken in yet. I just put a new aftermarket barrel in my Glock .45 and it's doing that with some ammo. I'm sure it will work itself out by the time I have 500 or so rounds through it.
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  16. daveindenver

    daveindenver Supporting Member

    Thanks for the help with the terms! FNG.

    True the round has not entered the barrel... battery.

    True the round is at about a 45 angled up from the mag, nose in the ramp area, not in the barrel (battery) or aligned with the barrel. By smacking the back of the slide it closes quickly with the round going up into place and is ready to fire.

    True, I rack it all the way back and have also tried slamming the rack back really hard but the 1st round in the mag will not load and the slide is back waiting for a smack.

    I've tried diff ammo of course but I have not tried a 9 or 5 round mag yet to see if the 1st round is a full mag issues or not.

  17. daveindenver

    daveindenver Supporting Member

    Yep, I've past the 10 box mark with this issue. That is why I am whining in front of smarter people.
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  18. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    I was thinking like Rachgier. That the round was going into the chamber, just not all the way home.

    If the round is hanging up on the feed ramp, the first thing I wonder is the orientation of the round in the magazine. It should be slightly nose up. When you load your magazine, take the loaded magazine and tap the back of it. I tap them on my hand. Watch Hickok45. He usually taps them on his table. This helps orient the cartridges in the magazine.

    You indicate that the failure is only on the first round. This leads me to believe there is no problems with the magizines themselves. The recoil from the firearm operating will jar the remainder of the rounds nbthe mag and orient them.
  19. Is the paint still on the ramp trough? If so, the case's neck sharp edge might be catching onto the paint and causing the battery delay until you jar it loose. My JCP40 was doing the same thing until I dremel'd off the paint and rounded off the upper squared edge of ramp to help the round go over smoother without having to hop into the chamber over that ramp edge. This is one option.

    The next is to be sure that first round is pointed up and magazine inserted on a open slide and all rounds have been tamped with the heel of palm hand to seat them to the rear of mag wall.

    Another option, which I've seen is someone riding the slide slowly when chambering the first round to not let slide slam home as if it's recoiling on its own. You'd be surprised how many people do it without thinking about it.

    I'd bet the ramp trough needs the paint taken off, squared top area of ramp rounded off and whole ramp polished for best results.
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  20. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    Before you go polishing the paint and edges off the rail check the mags and bullet seating in the mag, try with 1 less mag, try different ammo, hell let someone else try the gun. You might be soft racking it. Clean it. You do have a lot of problems with your gun or is it guns.