Small rail for the top of the barrel shroud?

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  1. I have an extra set of A2 sights I'd like to install on my 995ts along with a longer sight radius than provided by the standard rail on the rifle. I've seen the full length after market ones selling for $70 but would like to do it cheaper.
    I can't find a post regarding anyone installing a 4" rail on the top of the barrel shroud. Can anyone send me in the right direction?
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    I know what you are talking about. I even ordered a short rail to put on my TS stock, but after I received it, I didn't want to drill holes into my stock. It didn't match the O/E rail. So I am opting for the full length rail from Longshot Mfg. I would rather pay the extra $$$, and have it look good, than save a few $$$, and have it look Bubba'd?


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  4. VET, thanks for the close up pics. It's just what I'm looking for. I don't see any shims under the rail so do I assume it mounts level with the back one w/o modding it? Did the rail come pre drilled and with mounting hardware?
    Kudos on that gorgeous camo paint job.

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    the magpul rail comes pre drilled/counter sunk holes ,also included are (2) screws and (2) nut serts

    yes there is a shim/nut under the forend rail/rib you can see it in this pic . as for install it was easy just placed it ontop of the rib and made sure it was clear of that locking lever that secures the forend cover . The Magpul rail is the exact same width as that rib so installation is quick and easy

    all i did next was using a drill bit small enough i drilled (2) holes dead cent of that rib and then with a dremel bit clearance the support area of the rib so it had clearance for the (2) nutserts

  6. Thanks again for the details. I've got a short rail on order.