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    I was just starting on my next round of 1000, first 9mm reloads have worked out perfect.

    Went to prime and realized last time I got a box of 1000 small pistol primers, evidently they handed me small rifle primers.

    Of course they do not take back they gave me their cost on a new box of 1000 pistol primers.

    Question, anyone local or close enough want these small rifle primers? I have no need and do not know anyone who reloads.

    I'm in Eugene, Or

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    fairly sure you can use them in pistol cases. Almost no difference.
    Test a few, then go to town.

  3. dave97402

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    hmmm, I just assumed they were different
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    Just put them up and keep them for the future and they aint going to get any cheaper.
  5. Don't do it! Physically, they are almost the same size - BUT - the mixture is much stronger for a rifle, as it must ignite larger quantities of powder. :eek:
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    According to Lee, the big difference between small rifle primers and small pistol primers is how thick the metal of the cup is, not how much priming compound or explosive capacity there is. The rifle primers are made of a thicker copper alloy and may not ignite as reliably from a firing pin strike.

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    What Kirk said. Small rifle primers in handguns will often give light strikes, while small pistol primers in rifles can result in pierced primers.
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    BINGO!! I've done it - DON'T! Greg is right on and, as was mentioned earlier, small rifle primers (CCI, at least) are the equivalent of small pistol MAGNUM primers. They will raise pressure if used with the same powder charge. As stated - I did it, not proud of it, not a smart move and will NOT do it again