Small time crooks molest my Vespa, get more than they though

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    So, I get home from my interview and just settle in waiting for the phonecall wether or not I get the job. Normally it's a quiet neighbourhood with some high-class houses and a mix of stuck up yuppies and trust fund hippies...nothing special. I had parked my tracker on the side of the house since I hadn't shoveled the foot of snow out of the drive, and my girl opted not to drive today due to the snow and was out with her sister.

    Then I hear this loud BANG and the clanking of chains! With my carport next to my house, it sounded like an airplane wreck.

    I rush outside to see what the comotion was, and I see this ratty 70's ford pickup with a chain attached to my girlfriend's car, which is now in the middle of the yard! I rush back inside and auto-dial 911 and grabbed my .40, and rush back outside. I aim the gun at the truck and told him to stop the *explitive* truck! He does so, and I round the corner into the carport to see what else was going on.

    I see another guy trying to push my GTS off the kickstand, and the lock on the Yamaha scooter cut as well. I pointed the gun and told him to "drop and what he was doing!"

    And he did, unfortunatly. Activating the Lo-Jack on the bike and doing some severe damage to the cycle. AND, the genius moment of the day "Uh, is that a real gun?"

    Not the smartest thing to ask.

    I hear another bang from the truck and reel around, shouting "Get out of the *another explitive* truck!", but end up pointing the gun right in the fact of my uber hippie neighbour! Afterwards I told him I was very sorry, but he's a laidback guy and said no problem. He came out to see the noise for himself and brought his camcorder. Smart guy.

    Well, the two stayed put (considering the one in the truck ended up just getting the POS ride stuck in a snowbank), and the cops arrived in about 10 minutes. They came because they also got calls about a "man with a gun" from others. Nevermind there were two theives dragging a car OUT of a house by force....

    They gave me a stern talking to about "brandishing" a weapon, but found a gun and no plates on the truck driver and alcohol in the cab. The other guy had a warrant out for him. The funny part was that there was another cop who showed up for the Lo-Jack call!! Guess the transponder on the bike does work!

    The neighbour turned over the SD card from the camera to the cops, and I pressed charges of my own. The insurance adjusters won't be up till tomorow due to the severe weather. The bike is bashed in all over the left cowl, rearview mirror broken off, and the side touring panier bag is bashed in. My girl's honda has a missing bumper, breached fuel tank, tweaked rear boot lid, flat left tyre and a ripped off exhaust. Might be a total loss if the rest of the frame is tweaked. Was dragged about 20 feet into the middle of the yard over a 3 foot snowdrift. Depending on what the adjuster quotes, we may just total it out and get her a newer Hyundai Accent (which she's been shopping for). I wanted to get her a new car, but not this way.

    All in all, I'm glad no one was hurt, but DAMN how stuipd can you get. I live in a rather affluent area (back when I was making a bit of money), and they thought that with the fancy scooters we'd be an easy mark. They were downright terrified (as was I), and I'm just shocked on how brazen these guys were. I'm pretty sure they tried my house after casing since my drive and walkway hadn't been shoveled since I was parking on the other side of the property and was using the rear entrance. Just goes to show that even in the safest areas crime does occur.

    I'm still stunned on the brazen idiots! At 6 in the evening no less...
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    glad to hear you are ok. Good luck with both rides. and well your overall situation.

    I cannot find any other words for you bro. Hang in there. DAAAAAA.>>>> well you get it.

  3. Kelotravolski

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    Good that you are safe, and that your stuff is safe too. Maybe you should move to Colorado where they would not care if you "brandished" your fire arm. Some people love to make a victim out of the criminal.
  4. Glad you stopped the thieves and were not hurt.

    That's Flag for you though--brandishing!

    In most of AZ, the cops would have quietly asked you why you didn't shoot them...
  5. hpman

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    Anyone that stupid will run into Darwin sooner or later. Glad your safe and got a couple BGs off the streets.
  6. Joe Sixpack

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    god those idiots, i dont understand how thief's can think it's a good idea to pull something like that.. but be glad they did it loudly.

    it must have been ubertense right then, and THEY'RE lucky they did'nt get a face full of lead..

    as for the cop i'd probably told him to get bent.. he would have done the same damn thing.
  7. jason865

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    Glad they didnt get out of there with the stuff neo.

    As far as the cop, that is ridiculous. You should have every right to brandish a weapon if someone is stealing your stuff. Maybe if they were more worried about the actual criminals, your vehicle wouldnt have been getting yanked out of the yard to start with.
  8. Joe Sixpack

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    ya the cop does'nt even know what brandishing is, brandishing is when you're out playing with the gun in public, you had a legit reason to have the gun drawn.. nothing improper here..

    your property and most likely your well being was in jeopardy which is the very core of proper SD handling of a gun.
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    Good to hear everything turned out so well, neo.
    Shame about the damage to everything.

    "Brandishing".....ergo my thoery on everyone being trained to be useless...
  10. unclerob

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    Neo, Was the .40 you grabbed the same one with the jacked up firing pin from the pawn shop??
  11. Strangerous

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    You go Neo! That cop sounded like a tool. He would have a place to say something if you had fired a "Warning Shot", but you didn't... so he's a tool. Maybe you can YouTube the video when your neighbor gets his SD card back?!
  12. Ridge

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    I'd also like to see the video when its available...I just see you wearing a sweater doing 180s between the two guys with both arms out holding the gun, hehe...

    Congrats on doing the right thing...surely wouldnt mind if you moved over here :)
  13. elguapo

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    If thats turned over to the police, aint going to see that for quite some time.
  14. Neo +1 to all the above. thank God dude, things are things, if it had gone south, you'd be the one hard to replace!!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Glad you're OK and the H with the cop also glad you didn't need to shoot and also all that is damaged can be repaired your life lost cannot [We'd miss ya around here]
  16. AGuyNamedMike

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    Good on ya for keeping your cool, Neo. I'd have been hard pressed to not make them lie down so I could stomp their heads. [/rage issues]
  17. urotu

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    Holy smokes Neo, what an experience, in Flagstaff even huh?

    Sorry to hear about the damages, but that's what insurance is for I suppose.

    Good way to keep your head too, glad no one got hurt. At least you helped to get a couple of thugs off the streets, even if just for the night.
  18. Wow dude, what the heck!!

    You... and probably him, are lucky the guy did not go for the gun in the truck.... it would probably been a mess. What kind of question is "is that a real gun?"? Like if it wasn't, you were giong to tell him. But thats where good movie tag lines come from "Move, and find out!"

    Glad your ok, glad they were caught.... now to apply some of your liberal ideologies.... make sure the crooks get counseling for their problem, and plenty of social assistance to get them back into society, and maybe a make them feel wanted... and not just by the police. Oh, one more thing, why didn't you let them take your car/scooter... it was obvious they needed it more than you, redistribute your possesion/income.

    Sorry for the low blow, but sometimes it takes a shocking exprience to wake someone up.
  19. Wow man, glad everything turned out well. Sounds like a story for or one of the others. Hell send it in to a magazine, the "it happened to me" stories pay like $100 if printed.
  20. Kelotravolski

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    Ha ha ha send it into the New American! lol. I am sure you have never touched that magazine and never will.