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    Well, that does it. Never buying anything gun-related from Wal-Mart again.

  2. This sounds like a bunch of "free press" for them. All the info they talk about I think they already have. It's only a matter of tying a few cells in one existing data base, with a few cells in another existing data base and poof, you have the answer. I'm assuming they already "film" it with store cameras any how. Net - maybe I'm missing something but what's new here?

    If a crime is committed, and they have the gun, and it has a serial number, they know who bought it already anyhow. And what's Walmart gonna say? You bought a gun used in a crime. Yeah, so what. It was stolen, and now I'm buying another one.

    REALLY not trying to be a wise guy here - is this really NEW, or just NEWS?
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    It sounds like they're tying the actual transaction to a video file itself. Naturally they already have video cameras, but now they're going to tie the record of the sale, to the actual video of you making the transaction. Wal-mart has no business keeping a file with my image and personal information on it.
  4. Yeah but...... I guess my point is, they have been doing that for years haven't they? Just because the cells aren't connected now (that we know of), they can be connected over a cup of coffee and pulling the right day's records. And my guess is, even the local gun shop does the exact same thing.
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    Right, but connecting the dots is where the invasion of privacy comes into play. If there's a REASON to connect the dots (IE, crime committed, police investigation under way) that's all well and good. Let it happen. What purpose does "connecting the dots" serve unless that actually happens? I have no problem with investigators having the ability to go back and create an investigation with the different pieces of the puzzle.

    I DO have a problem with a wal-mart employee having access to my personal information, tied to an image of me, and anybody who happened to be associated with me on the day of the purchase. It's not necessary for them to have this for ANY reason. Period.

    I don't have a problem with the fact that my cell phone records can be traced, or that my location at a given time can be traced if need be (search, etc). I would have a very serious problem if my call records were tied to a record of everywhere I went, along with a photo of me, and all of my personal information, as well as my bank account numbers and credit card numbers, known associates, marital status, what vehicle I drive, and a record of all purchases I've made with my bank account/credit card.

    If there's a reason, the proper authorities have the ability to accumulate all ANY and ALL of that information, and a file can be created. I don't have a problem with that. There are times where that would be appropriate. But except in the case of a criminal investigation, NOBODY should have access to all of that information except me. It's called "need-to-know".

    Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
  6. Oh Yeah????????!!!!!!!!!! Why, I oughta............... JK.

    You know...... good points. I clearly didn't think of it that way. I think I made the leap too fast that "they can so what's the big deal". Well stated - thanks for sticking with it!

    I'm all for boycotting - like anything French - but golly, Wally world's ammo is at least $3/box-100 cheaper than anywhere around here!!! Drats.
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    Start reloading. I load 9mm and .40 for $0.07/Rnd. I reckon that any handgun round can be loaded for that, and rifle shouldn't be too much more.

    I paid for my entire reloading setup in just 1000 rounds of 9mm (I go through about that in a month!). With .40, the savings is even better.
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    Liberals hate Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart just made a few liberals happier. Nothing is different. If I decided to buy a gun at Wal-Mart, I would walk in, pay, and walk out. Wal-Mart has made this an issue for publicity and to pick-up maybe a liberal acceptance of sorts. I agree about the ammo prices, plus where else can I pick-up ammo, milk, beer, and a Slipknot CD all at the same time?
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    +1 on reloading, once microstamping comes (and sooner or later it will) you will have to anyways, why not start ahead of time while components are cheaper.