Smith and Wesson SD9VE

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    I picked up a slightly used SD9VE. I traded my Mosin and some surplus ammo. I know a lot will probably say I should have kept the Mosin, but last time I had it out, i just couldn't pick up the targets very well at 100 yards, damn eyesight keeps going a little more each year. Besides I still see them for $150 here and there. The young man that had the SD said it fired great with no issues except that he did say he tried to fire it underwater and had a few FTF's but other that, no problems. I think my mouth fell open when he told me this, because he got this sheepish "I'm an idiot" look on his face. Well, I checked it over thoroughly and it seemed fine. I brought it home, disassembled (couldn't believe how simple it was), cleaned and oiled, same with the mags except no oil. Only put a couple mags through it, but it ran flawlessly. So far so good.
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    The sd is polymer and primarily stainless steel, at least the bitone is. And as long as there is no signs of corrosion i think it should be fine. I love mine. And mosins are still pretty inexpensive so I think you did ok.


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    i really like my SD9VE and have put 200 plus rds thru it and all inside the 10 ring
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    Several guns have light strikes and failures to fire when they're used underwater, which is a pointless test anyways since gunfights don't happen underwater. The water in the firing pin channel slows it down to the point that it doesn't hit with enough force to ignite the primer.
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    I suspect underwater firing could cause chamber overpressure due to the obstruction of water in the bore (assuming ignition actually occurred) sort of like firing a second round after a squib. Aqua Boy had every right to feel foolish.
  6. You made a good trade

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    Now just upgrade there recoil spring and guide rod and you'll be set