smith and wesson sw40ve mag question

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  1. rodka

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    does the 15 round magazine fit the sw40ve model, if so why do they make 14rd mags?
  2. The 15rd .40cal Sigma mags are for the older F model Sigma's, the current VE model Sigma .40's use the 14rd mags.

    Will the mags interchange? Probably not because there were some minor internal modifications between the F and the VE series Sigma's.

    Another thing to watch out for are the M&P .40 mags. They are 15rd mags and very similar in design to the Sigma VE, F and C mags.

  3. Krippp

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    i own an sw40ve and have tried the 15rnd'r and NO, it will not fit, previous post was correct in that they are for the f model only