Smith-Sights Specials Ending Friday, Feb 13!

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  1. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith Mosin Sight Manufacturer Member

    Tactical Green Fiber-Optic Adjustable Sight
    $ 38.00 USD


    Complete sight. Normally $45. Ends Friday.

    This is a high grade fiber optic sight, in green.

    Fiber-optic covers 6-8" at 100 yards vs. the 12+" covered by the stock sight

    Highly visible in low light

    If you need an M44/T53-style wide-base sight, please tell me by adding it to your order below. This upgrade is free.


    Finnish No-Jam Magazine for All Mosins
    $ 35.00 USD


    Normally $45. Ends Friday.

    The HV (or no-jam) magazine was developed by the Finns to cure rimlock. It works with a properly-functioning interrupter to totally eliminate fustrating rimlock jams.

    • Drop in Installation

    • Prevents all rimlock

    • Developed for the renowned Finnish M39, this magazine works on all Mosin models.

    These are stripped magazines. Please use the floorplate from your old Russian mag. It drops in.