Smith & Wesson Model SW40VE Pistol

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  1. I have the S&W 9VE, identical to the 40VE but mine is 9mm, so far its been a good pistol. Adam has the 40VE and is very happy with his, someone else on the forum also has a 40VE but cant remember who.

    The price you quoted is not bad, see them higher and lower so it all depends on location and shop.

    The only complaint I hear about the Sigma line is with the heavy DA triggers. Yes it is heavy, between 7.5-9 pounds stock, but for me its not big deal, I like it better than a light trigger considering the pistol has no external safety.

  2. Ari

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    there has been a bunch about them on the forum as of late. I have liked the one I got to shoot. But the trigger is a pain but workable
  3. Yes

    the sw9ve and the sw40ve are both fine pistols. They are like GLOCK clones, with heavier triggers. But they are good and reliable. $300-330 range is typical new pricing.
  4. s&w is (or should be) running a special right now with $49.00 cash back on sigma series least at my gun shop. i see the sigma series all the time for $299.00. ask your gun dealer about this cash back offer.
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    If you have an Academy Sports nearby, check there. I paid $299 for mine. Going to shoot it for the first time tomorrow.
  6. i have the 40VE. i love it. i paid $310 for mine
  7. Speaking of the S&W Rebate....

    I sent in for a $50 rebate and 2 free 16rd mags when I purchased my 9VE in early Jan. According to the Ad's the rebate/mag offer was for the Sigma and M&P series pistols and was supposed to end Jan 31, but I heard S&W may be extending the rebate/mag offer for another month due to increased sales on both pistol lines.
  8. yep, i seriously looked into a sigma before going with the hi point .45...
    for the money i just couldn't pass up the hi point. even with the 49.00 rebate.
    maybe next time. :wink:
  9. I have a .40 cal Sigma Rob I really like the gun. I'm not saying the Hi-points handguns aren't good they are excellent weapons. But if your planning on carrying your gun you may wanna think about your choices. I can't get enough of my Sigma its by far my favorite gun. But go with whats in your budget and what you like for me and I"m sure most of the guys on here our handguns are like an extension of our bodies so just make you sure go with something that fits you. Best of luck to ya and have a safe, fun time shooting :)
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    local shop had those for 250 after rebate..

    but the rebate ended jan 31 2008.. few days ago.

    that line has a history behind it apparently they are so like glocks that they was actually sued.. after a settlement was reached between glock/S&W they was allowed to continue production.

    some of the parts are suppose to be cross compatible they're so similar.
    the M&P is the successor.

    i almost bought one for that price but i dont like glocks esp the trigger.

    still with my dislike aside it's not a bad deal.
  11. I have one, and I have to say, if it wasn't for the awful trigger pull, it would be awsome, as it is, it is a good gun, just not awsome...
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    just got a new SW40VE 2 weeks ago, have about 300 rnds through it so far. trigger is getting much more reliable to the point where I love this weapon. bought it new in box for 264 and the rebate puts it down to 214 plus the 2 free mags. love the gun and it eats every kind of ammo I can throw at it , so ftf's so far.
  13. Gun shop in Oh had one after 50 dollar rebate for 219 dollars and 2 mags with the 2 u get with the rebate. I wish i would have waited to by my 9mm sigma i paid 259 thats after rebate
  14. oh, i agree! for carry, i would rather have the sigma. when the tax fairy shows up i just might get one.. :wink:
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    I bought mine last April...had 2 offer coupons, one for 2 free mags (that had ended like the week before) and one for a free range back...I sent in both and got both in the mail, so they will honor the coupon after the date...just when I filled in mine for the 2 free mags, I listed the date of purchase on the coupon as like 3 days before the offer ended, even though my photocopied receipt clearly showed otherwise, lol
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    S&W has extended the rebate til April 30 I believe. I went to a couple of gun stores and Academy trying to buy one before the Jan 31 deadline. Either they were completely out or the price too high. The one gun shop I went to had their Sigma priced in the mid $400's.