Snagged the LCP!

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  1. Went out this morning after going to a Doctor appointment,
    (thank god my Dr. has small hands...) :oops:
    I jumped on the bike and rode off in search of a Hi-Point .45.
    Went to my local gun dealer, whom is usually kinda high in his pricing,
    and lo and behold, he had one of the new Ruger LCP .380 pistols.
    I asked to look at it, and damn! It was priced 319$.That's below
    MSRP of 330$!
    Dealer says"These are still kinda scarce. Hard for dealers to get them because they are so new. Not many of them out there right now."
    I said,"Yep, and now there's one less out there. I'll take it home with me today."
    I have been salivating over this little jewel since first I saw it on the
    Ruger web site. I wanted a small lightweight carry gun to carry in my ankle
    rig. My AMT is heavy, all stainless, and horribly inaccurate.
    So I am happy as a fat rat :D
    I found the Hi-point .45 as well, for 219$. That ones next on my list.
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    purchasing a new gun is always nice, however, I must ask...why not get the original? The LCP is an obvious copy of the P3AT, with the addition of an unnecessary slide release. Anyway, good luck with it, but you could have gotten a KT for $70 less

  3. Glennfrank

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    Good luck with the LCP - I still want one bad.
    Missed the 3 that my dealer got in while I had mono & he hasn't gotten any since.
    I ended up buying a Kel-Tec PF9 for a summer carry because I just can't deal with my .45 in just a t-shirt.
    I still want a LCP though. Maybe next year :)
  4. z71silverado98

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    The P3AT is a handful and I expect the LCP to be just the same. Not exactly fun to shoot, but great for slipping into a pocket before heading out.
  5. I had many folks say the same about the AMT backup, but I thought it was a blast to shoot. I have a really good grip, and am still buck strong, so I think it will be usable.
    Bought it for just those reasons though, easy to conceal, and good pocket size gun. Very light.

    I considered the Kel-Tec, but I had heard some mixed reviews on them. If I couldn't find the LCP I had made up my mind to go after the Kel-Tec.
    I have confidence in Ruger's products, and have been told by a couple gun guys that this gun is an improvement over the P3AT.
  6. Congratulations! I love Rugers and have my eye on the LCP as well. I've heard over and over it is a basic clone of the KT but that contradicts Ruger's policy to not build a gun someone else has unless they can make significant improvements in design or function. So who actually knows the real deal? Not based on looks, but on the actual guns? Personally I hope that policy is relaxed some as I'd love to be first in line for a true 1911 Ruger!
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    I would find it highly unlikely that they changed much. I was at the unveiling of it at the Shot Show and i just had trouble listening when they said it was a truly innovative product. Bottom line is that even if has some improvements(not saying it does), it is still very similar to the KT, it is not some crazy new design. It certainly is a new direction for Ruger. I think now that there are no more Ruger's at Ruger, they are becoming a more competitive company.

    and I will always remember Bill Ruger as the guy that said these phrases:
    * "No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun."
    * "I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 or 30 round magazines or my folding stock."
    * "I see nothing wrong with waiting periods."
  8. All right. It's good to be able to get what you want. Enjoy!
  9. Ruger certainly caused waves with his beliefs. Yet he still provided us with some fantastic American made products. I'd wager more gun makers than we know have dealt with the devil before and some will to come. I know Smith & Wesson nearly found the graveyard early after their deal. Still, I've learned to get over it. By and far the gun makers are on our side.

    Still no definitive answer on the LCP/KT comparisons though.
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    Can i see a pic of under her skirt, errr... slide?
  11. I like it! Got more pics? I see you like your .380's too. Any specific reason why or is it just chance?
  12. I like the smaller size of the .380 handguns for deep concealment.
    I'm not a really big guy, 5'9" tall and 175 lbs., so it's kinda hard to hide
    a larger weapon on my person. I usually wear jeans and tshirts, or short
    britches in the summer, and larger calibers are pretty obvious on me.
    In the area that I live, people are not very "gun friendly",so I want
    to be discreet. I ride my motorcycle in the summer a lot, and sometimes
    you wind up in places that if you don't pack a gun, they oughtta' issue one at the door :wink:
    My MC jacket has a good size gun pocket, but a t-shirt doesn't.
    I'm planning to get a .45 soon, but have heard the cost of ammo is salty.
    I would like to get a .40, and a .32, this is an addiction.
    Will shoot more pics this weekend. I love gun porn LMAO!
  13. I figured there was a valid reason. Can't ever argue successfully with logic. :lol:

    Show the porn my friend, show the porn!
  14. Congratulations. You'll have to give us a range report over time.
  15. I thought about the Ruger LCP but decided to go with a 2nd Gen KT P3AT instead. The LCP is just too new on the market and I like to make sure all the bugs are worked out of something before I lay down my cash for it.

    I find the P3AT very comfortable to shoot so i am sure the LCP will be similar.
  16. Photos

    Ok, here's the breakdown photos promised.
    Nothing makes you more "one with the gun" than teardown and lube
    work. You should have seen my wife's face when she walked in and saw
    my new LCP all in pieces on the tray! I assured her I knew how to put it back together :wink: .




    Note the sophisticated tool required to facilitate disassembly :wink:
  17. I gotta stop looking at these pictures. I want another gun so bad I can taste it but I have no reason to get one. For the same money I can buy over 1000 rounds of ammo, or a reloading unit and learn how to do that.

    So from now on, since I cannot seem to stop myself....... no more pictures.

    [ I don't need a new gun. I don't need a new gun. I don't need a new gun..............]

    :cry: :cry:
  18. You need a new gun, You need a new gun, You need a new gun, You need a new gun. Sorry Newskate9, just trying to help! :lol:

    Thanks for the LCP porn. A guy never gets tired of looking at a lady with her clothes off! :D