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    Where is the best place to pick up some snap caps? I looked at the gun show the other day and bought a bunch of ammo after hagglin for a while. I forget the brand right off (in a brown box), but got 100 round boxes for $9 a box. So I bought 50. Anyway I didn't find anyone selling snap caps. I have looked around online a lil for some but haven't gotten anywhere.[/b]
  2. Your local gun store may have them, Wally world, or search the internet.

  3. Dicks sporting goods has them, Bass Pro, Cabella's. Most "gun" stores carry them - they may NOT be where you'd think they'd be, like with Ammo, so you may have to ask if you don't stumble onto them.
  4. BSK

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    go to your local gun store they are priced the same as online but without the shipping charge. i spend 15$ at my local gun shop for them.
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    midwayusa has about any you could desire.

  6. BSK

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    but midway charges like 7$ shipping
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    My gun shop has the snap caps with the cleaning supplies of all places. I would cruise into one of your gun shops, one of them is bound to have them.

    If not, has em. .
  8. JasonJ

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    theyre next to the archery dept. in my local gander mtn.. right on the outskirts of the firearms dept.
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    Thanks guys if I can't find them at dicks or Gander mtn, which I am sure I will since others have purchased from there I will buy from one of the suppliers listed. I did a google for snap caps and came up with 99% baseball caps. :lol: