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    It really gets under my skin I see a post, either here or on another forum, when someone will state what they can afford in a certain price range and then asked for opinions, there are always those who throw out the "save a few hundred dollars more and buy XXX". How hard is it to understand that the person posting has only the stated amount. Maybe no matter how much they try, maybe another bill pops up out of nowhere. This is why I first purchased a Hi Point. As a single income family, due to my wife not being able to work much because our oldest son has a heart condition and tends to miss quite a bit of school, so when looking for a gun I settled on a CF380 and have since added a C9. I recently traded a Mosin with some ammo for a S&W SD9VE, reading some other boards, so many are saying save a couple hundred more and just get a Glock. I guess I just don't have the disposable income others have. Rant over.
  2. You're preaching to the choir - I get that! I just went back to work last October. My only alternative for my C9, was the Cobra FS380. My Hi-Point was bought with tax refund money. :D ;)

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    Let's see a SD9VE at most can be acquired for around $350.00. Your average new Glockenspiel is around $600.00. The SD9VE is IMO just as good if not better than a Glockenspiel so I would go with the SD9VE and tell the Glickenspielers to go pound sand. I have shot many Glockenspiels and i find that they are only average and do not feel right. I have seen FTF and FTE with them and a several just break, cracks in the frame and slides rusting. The only reason most cops carry them is the cost not the quality.
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    One more thing, last week a young man (around 21 or 22) was shooting a JHP he had just acquired. I had my 4595 and we started talking about the Hi Points. I told him I had handled the pistols but never fired one and he was interested in my carbine so we swapped for 50 rds each. Overall impression of the JHP is that it is kinda ugly but was very nice to shoot. No issues and accurate, very little recoil also. The youngster liked my carbine and as he is on a limited budget he is thinking about getting one now as he can use the same mags and ammo. I gave him a box of cheap Herters ammo as he had run out and thanked him for letting me try his pistol. It would of cost me more to rent one at the local range so I think it was a good trade so now I can say I have shot a Hi Point pistol.
  5. We own three Glocks and nothing gets under my skin more than a gun snob or fanboy.

    A gun on layaway or money in the bank saved for a gun will not save your life like a gun in the hand will. Even if it is the least expensive gun on the market.
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    Not to be argumentative but if price is the "only reason most cops" carry Glocks, then why aren't "most cops" carrying even cheaper alternatives like your SD or an M&P?
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    The emotional investment that some people have in firearms brands is astounding. I wonder how much of that has to do with actual experience vs articles and peer pressure of some type. I personally hate it when I read where someone says "I'd never trust my life to a Hi Point", when they have absolutely zero experience with one. Mine never failed, except 3 times with WWB. I would trust my life to that pistol, as long as it does not have WWB ammo in it, without a second thought. I like some of most manufacturer's products, and don't really see that big of a difference between them except for cost and comfort. If the "best" pistol made does not fit your hand right, it's not worth buying.
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    There are rumors that Glock sells the guns to LE agencies for less than other manufacturers will. Have no idea if it's true.
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    I assume S&W would do the same, in order to gain market share.
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    When you really need it, a Hi-Point in the hand beats a Glock on Layaway.
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    the $250 you saved will buy a lot of ammo
  12. Because large departments only pay 150 bucks or more for Glocks, they make their money off the rest of the public. This is why Rugers are not flooding police markets even though they make some of the best affordable quality guns. They do not stick to one market to give breaks to another.

    I like my Glocks but I paid no where near what most people pay for them. Actually I have been considering a SDVE for some time to add to the safe. But it is not included in the rebate program. Though S&W is giving away the M&P to large departments, they do not give away the SDVE. So the SDVE is sold at a more competitive price than the Glock.
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    So S&W is willing to give away M&Ps (which I believe is higher up the retail price range than their SD series) to police departments and yet 65% of them go with Glock? That doesn't sound right. :confused:
  14. S&W is gaining ground with the M&P with police departments, already they are reaping the benefits by sales to the public of the M&P over the SDVE. Even though the SDVE will do the same thing for personal defense that M&P does.

    SDVE is just there to keep their name in the affordable handgun market. They possibly believe that those that buy the SD will move up to the more expensive M&P. Otherwise they would only market the M&P, the SDVE is their version of a Hi Point.
  15. Because Glock was first to the polymer game for most LEOs. That is why most departments issue Glock, not because it's the best but because it's a known model that makes transitioning a common item over and over easier. The M&P line is equal or better than Glocks. To me M&P is better than Glock, and I own quite a few of each, 6 Glocks and 16 M&Ps.
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    uh huh :rolleyes:
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    I think some just have no clue. I know exactly what it means to have a hard spending limit. An extra $200 can be next to impossible to come by.
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    Being right and looking good are more addictive to the human soul than any narcotic is to the human body. Just notice how it makes everyone else stupid, ignorant and goofy.

    I love how Red Skelton used to close his shows. He used to say "I don't hate my enemies. After all, I made 'em."
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    While I don't own on, from what i understand some Glocks are really nice. Everybody is probably a fanboy on something, which is fine, but there's no reason to criticize others because you don't agree with their philosophy.

    I've been places where I've been looked down on simply because I have a Hi-Point sticker on my gun case, and I even hear a snicker or two when I pull out the C-9 or the 45, but every now & then I'll be standing next to someone who has a pistol they paid thousands for and we'll compare groupings. There have been times when my groupings were just as good or maybe even a little bit better then theirs, and I was using a $150.00 pistol.

    If I average the number stove pipes or fte's between my hp's (9's and 45) & my XD-9, I've found the hp's are a bit more reliable than the XD, except when I use hollow point ammo. Flat and round nose ball ammo, has been flawless.

    The XD chews through jhp's without any problems, when I'm in the mood to spend a buck a bullet.

    One thing I appreciate about the HP is it's simplicity. I've found that the K.I.S.S. philosophy in anything that's machined, milled or cast, always seems to last a little longer and is easier to deal with.
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    I don't hate Glocks it just that every single one I have used did not feel right in my hand. I will be the first to say that if a pistol doesn't feel right it is not right for you. The M&P feels right in my hand and I have enjoyed shooting it. My SR45 feels right and I enjoy it also. Neither feel as good as a full sized 1911 in my hands but they are good enough for the budget I had at the time. I got great deals on both.

    Hell even beat up used Glocks are going for over $450 in the Dallas area so why not buy a new SD9VE and a few hundred rounds for ammo for less than a beater Glock. Now that 9 mm ammo is available I am keeping an eye on Academy and the next time they go on sale I am going to grab the SD9VE at $300. Probably the best buy for new 9 mm.