Snow Day

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  1. Here in Milwaukee Wisconsin we've got 8 inches of snow in the last 6 hours with 8+ more comming before it ends tonight. The malls, schools and most stores are closed or closing early. I called my range and they will be closing early also. Im almost sure I won't go in to work today. So I'm very bored............... :shock:

    Anyone else getting a day off because of the weather?
  2. Company I work for also has an Office/Branch in Pewaukee, and we just got an email awhile ago saying that the office is closing at 2:30 due to a severe winter storm.
    Company I work at is just outside of Boston, MA.

    We are going to be getting some of that weather in the day or so. Pretty much rain, snow, rain, snow and then arctic cold the end of the week.
    Enjoy Your day off!

  3. Jarhead1775

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    Well all I can say is I am jealous you got snow. I am a snowplow contractor in NY and I have only had two storms all year. That is why I can post on this forum every day. I am praying for snow or for a very early spring.
  4. I'm working in Grand Rapids this week, where it started last night and has continued all day. With 12 inches in the forecast, the office cleared out at 3 p.m. As an extra bonus, Hertz neglected to provide a scraper/brush. I was able to dig out this morning with the owner's manual :D and a coworker had a spare to loan me tonight, thank goodness.
  5. neothespian

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    Got 3 feet in two days last week.

    And yes, that was in Arizona.

    Total for the year is 12 feet and growing...I hate Flagstaff.
  6. it was in the high 70's here FEBUARY. wait til this summer.
    it sucks in the south in august!!!!!!!
  7. F751

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    Geez, I was going to complain that we got 12" between last night and today. Heck, I'll still complain. I just got done shoveling out and I ache! I usually like winter but I'm tired of it right now.
  8. 69burbon

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    I've got at least 10 inches here in Flint MI today. I doubt that I'll get the day off tomorrow. (but I sure could use it :D )
  9. Kyu

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    Yup. I'm over here on the Eastside. You know it's bad when UWM closes.
  10. All we ever get is ice.... no fun to be had.
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    Nope, I just push my magic "4-WD" button on my unnecessarily big global-warming, seal clubbing, gas guzzling, gratuitous display of disgusting American environmental-disregard, Tahoe, and go where I gotta go...
  12. You didn't mention Your GPS :roll:
  13. neothespian

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    I just push the button on my environmentally friendly, 34mpg mini utility crossover Suzuki sold by a Japanese company, made in Canada for the US market and ride over the snow and I'm there when I need to :D
  14. you suck...wish i had a snow day. We got rain...
  15. I wouldn't give a shat what kind of weather we got, as long as I didn't have to go to work and could spend the day being a bum, sitting on my arse in my boxer shorts crusing the forum, drinkin' beers and scratching my arse and farting whenever I want to..... That would be great. :wink:
  16. the snow here is about knee deep but at least I am shoveled out and the road is plowed .
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    boy am I glad I left upstate NY!! snow sucks, after 47 yrs of the nasty crap I am glad to be away from it.
  18. 69burbon

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    Suzuki!! I just finished pulling one of those out of the ditch after the driver tried to play with the big boys. :lol:
  19. neothespian

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    Then the driver simply didn't know what they were doing. I love the light litte guy. It's the only car to get out of the neighbourhood when we get more than 3 feet of snow in a storm. All the 3/4 ton trucks, luxury hummers and G-Wagens get stuck and it never fails that my little Tracker just hops over the tops of the snowdrits :D Never been stuck, but then again unlike most suburbanites who buy these things, I know that there's such a thing as 2WH, 4WH and 4WL and the wonders of 2nd auto gear can do with all three settings.

    I know most Subaru drivers who never use gears other than drive and reverse. Sad really...and they wonder why their AWD wonders get stuck.

    I'm telling ya: Get yourself a 4WD tracker and you're going to drive that more than your big American SUV. Trust me, they're a blast! don't expect to do 0 to 60 in less than 15 seconds. 1.6 litres are just that, and while the gearbox and full steel truckframe do wonders, 98 horsepower can only go so far.
  20. Got 18 inches of snow here in Michigan last night, talk about a rough ride home from work. There was 5 foot drifts getting on the on ramp for the expressway.