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  1. In addition to loving it here, I'm also an avid member of what I believe to be the preeminent forum dedicated to Affordable Classic American Firearms (aka Saturday Night Specials):

    There has been some discussion there about whether to open a Hi-Point thread. I certainly support the interest and discussion of HPs there, but I've had reservations about topic dilution; i.e. whether it's a good idea to open up discussions there, or to direct interested parties here.

    I tend to the latter view: point them here; and, in addition, and in compensation, add a pointer here to their site, so that conversations are concentrated in interest areas, rather than being diluted.

    Your thoughts?

    Should complementary fora 1) point to each other to keep discussion togther, or 2) spread the word, forking discussion?
  2. I think you make sense. No reason to duplicate information, just point to each other's forum.

    This could increase interest/membership for both; it could definitely lead to interesting (fun) discussions as long as everyone is civil.

    (don't tell, but I've got a Raven and an Rohm .22 revolver I'd never admit to having--who knows what folks would think of me!)

  3. Good call Farmkid, just point them here. We have several references to the Bryco-Jennings forums on HPFF, and will continue to promote good relations to their forum. If anyone wants to, they can link to that forum in our "Links to other Websites" forum as well.
  4. We'll I'm trying to do that, with a bit of resistance:

    However, as a show a good faith, can we also provide some link to:

    ... under, perhaps "Other firearms"?