So...COVID is not real....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by greg_r, Sep 16, 2020.

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    Hope everyone gets well soon, @greg_r

    My son had it, we're pretty sure my sister died of it 12/15/19 and I had it about the same, time, I felt like it was the weirdest flu I ever had, only missed 2 days of work. I think my work situation was good, I was on bereavement leave due to my sister's death. Likely spared several at work from getting sick. Sis had underlying issues, high BP and some heart troubles, that were only apparent after an autopsy. They have much better treatments now, even for folks with co-factors.
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    I believe the virus is real, just not anywhere as bad as the media and Libs want you to believe. The masks are total crap. This is coming from somebody that wears one at work.
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    I still say that COVID is the Russian Roulette of diseases. Five people might get it and be just fine, but that sixth person will die. I know several people who’ve had it, and the symptoms ranged from basically nothing to a bad cold; but a friend’s mother got it and died in less than a week. She was 70. A lady I work with caught it and died in 10 days. She was 55 with no underlying co-morbidities. A 19 year old boy who just graduated last year got it, and spent two weeks on a ventilator. He was in the prime of his life with absolutely nothing wrong. He has permanent lung damage, and memory issues.

    Yes, the odds are with you... until they aren’t.
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    My daughter-in-law was scheduled for a c section delivery on July 30. Her doctor delayed it one week. She went into labor on July 31 and had to have an emergency c section.
    Of course they did a Covid test on her before the procedure. A rapid test in which they had results for that day. Didn’t inform her until the next Tuesday.
    By that time, hospital staff ( at two hospitals), me, my wife, and her niece were all exposed.
    Not a single one of use showed any symptoms, all who got tested were negative.
    The “joke” at the hospital is that anyone on Medicaid or Medicare are automatic positives.
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    Great, I don't need to waste my time to get tested now. I'm positive because I have a cough. Surely it's COVID, having smoked for almost 50 years has nothing to do with it.
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    Not around here it isn't. Any documentation or links to prove what you just stated? If so, I would like to see them.
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    You're looking for a link or a news story to an inside joke? Really?

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Yea, really. It is not a inside joke to me or a few of us. So, if you do not like it, delete my post.
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    Really?? A link to a INSIDE JOKE? You do know what that is right.
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    I guess you had to be there. Inside joke and all.
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  12. OldOutlaw

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    As you well know, this stuff is not funny to everyone. Especially not those who and their spouses have pre-conditions. Play tough guy all you wish. However, you do not have control over other folks thoughts and feelings. So suck it up Buttercup.
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    So you don't really understand what a inside joke is. Look in a mirror
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    You having another PTSD problem or drunk? Look yourself in a mirror.
    You decide.
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    You funny. Its a joke get it.
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    I'm not planning on deleting your post. We let people post dumb stuff all the time.

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    Dad was talking to my brother about a week ago. My brother coughed and dad asked him if he had covid. Bro told him, "no." Dad said, "you will. But you will be okay. Dad died 9/18/2020. This conversation was 5 days after.
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    NE Utah
    So you talked to dad 5 days after he died?

    Or the death was 5 days after the conversation?

    BTW, condolences, man. It's not like it's not going to happen, we all know it...but it's still tough.

    Here's some fun reading from Utah.

    "If an individual tests positive for COVID-19 and then dies, EpiTrax and Vital Records link the patient as a COVID-19 death, even if the death certificate doesn’t list COVID-19. COVID-19 deaths are only ruled out if the Office of the Medical Examiner determines the death was not caused by COVID-19 upon further investigation.

    .....the Utah Department of Heath believes the number of deaths due to COVID-19 not captured in our data is very small."

    Then here are the numbers:

    70,615 Total COVID-19 Cases
    3,729 Total COVID-19 Hospitalizations
    That's a rate of 5.3% for hospitalization.

    Considering the CDC fact that 94% of Covid deaths are really comorbidity deaths, chances are good that a LARGE number of them were already in the hospital, or in care of some sort..

    453 Total COVID-19 Deaths

    That's about 0.5% for a death rate. NOT a half a percent of the population...that's a half a percent of those that we know GOT the Covid....which may be a FAR larger number as many people out here simply don't get tested.

    811,249 Total People Tested
    1,046,616 Total Tests Reported

    Of the 811,249, there's about 9% infection rate. Or 6.8% of the 1+ million tests were positive. 91-93% of the people tested weren't even infected.

    235,367 people got tested more than once. Probably health care or first responders, I know a girl that's been tested 15 times for her job in an old folks home, but she's in Colorado. A guy I know had a baby in Colorado, Preemie and needed to be moved by helicopter from one hospital to another for some unknown reason...they tested the kid before he got on, and immediately after he got off the bird.

    Finally, here's the chart. Green is recovered, Orange are active cases, and deaths are the Red line you can barely see. Note how they stack it on top to make it look like its large. It's NOT. And this is a CUMULATIVE chart!!!!!!

    It's NOT getting worse like this seems to show. It IS getting worse in the number of cases, thanks to the counties with colleges, in populations that are mostly asymptomatic, and will recover at a 99.8% rate. But it's mostly just flat in most of the state, The rest of us are fine.

    Death Chart.png

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member


    My brother talked to my dad after dad's death. RIF amigo.
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    They tried to list mom's death as COVID without a test. She died from heart failure related to having had 5 heart attacks, 3 bypasses, lost a lung to cancer... we put our foot down and forced them to change it to heart failure. The hospice gets fed $$$ if t is a COVID death...