So...COVID is not real....

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    A lot of us here have had what we would consider "creepy," "spooky," "ghostly," "haunted," or otherwise "unexplained."

    I know I have.

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    Yes....which is why I was asking.:thumbsup:

  3. Had a friend whose father died of congestive heart failure as listed by their doctor on the death report (not Death Certificate). When they got the official Death Certificate it said "Complications due to Covid-19 Infection." They notified their Doctor and he was pissed as it was not what he declared as the reason for death. They are still trying to get it changed.

    Hospitals get additional monies if they have a Covid-19 death. Also, there are probably (!) political reasons why the 'medical industrial complex' wants inflated reports of Covid deaths.
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    As I've written before, we're never going to get real numbers. They've been so polluted and inflated by greed or people with an agenda that all we'll ever be able to say is that the real numbers are greatly less than the reported numbers.

    It's tragic that we've lost actual information, valuable to real science, to greed and the pursuit of power. We've missed such an important opportunity because of it. It feels a little like when I first read of the burning of the Library at Alexandria. :(

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  5. I didn't know you were a subscriber to Acta Diurna. Impressive!
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    I'm old, but not (quite) that old. :D

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    Documentation on a “joke”? Sorry you don’t get it.
    On the day my grandson was born, three other babies were born, four total. Three of the mothers had some form of government assistance, one was self insured. The three on government assistance all tested positive.
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    Don't worry, we had similar jokes in the ambulance and ER. I actually got an ambulance crew suspended for it. My spine injury destabilized leaving me on the floor, unable to use my legs, and I called 911. My department was out on other calls so a mutual aid ambulance company took the call. They asked what my insurance was and I had medicaid through NYS worker's compensation. They dumped me in a wheel chair in the ER and I wasn't seen for 2 hours because they listed me as an ALPHA priority, and told the nurses I was probably drug seeking.

    They caught a 6 month suspension, remedial recertification, and lost their crew chief status permanently.
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  9. Sorry to hear. That's enough bad news to last a long time. I actually feel lucky to not have had it....yet. Life if hard, then you get kicked in the ass again.
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    Yes. Yes it is.
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    You missed the humor
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    I don't get it.


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    Don't worry, neither did 99.696% of others.
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