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  1. I get a call at 6:30 am Friday from my mother who is in the latter part of her 50s (I work nights mom nice timing) She was on her way to work on getting my late uncles house ready to sell and she took the chance I'd still be up, and I was I needed to finish John Woo's Stranglehold.

    So the night before she and her husband went to the local Ducks Dinner. And she who has never shot in her life won a freaking semi-auto Remington 12 guage :shock: So since her husband trap shoots and I've started shooting she has decided this was the push she needed to start!!
    So now she is trying to decide on trap or range and if she wants to do rife and/or handgun as well.

    Now we have to work out time to go to the range with all my stuff so she can get a feel for some different guns. I really think she'll enjoy my 10/22 but the evil side of me wants to set up the 91/30 for her. But as my b-day only a couple of months away I guess I be good.

    A friend who was with them said it was a $400 gun. I told her no way, you are looking as $800 or so. Then they went to Cabellas or Ganger and checked it out and yep $700-800 range. Now she is really thrilled.

    Can't freaking stand it, $800 semi goes to my mother. TANJ!
  2. LMAO! Dude, Karma is a _______ !!!! *insert favorite expletive here*

    Good for your Ma that she's getting into shooting.

  3. Awsome, sounds fun. Make sure you take her shooting and post pics.
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    91/30...ha! Did that to one of my friends who is a smaller guy. He was used to shotguns and said "it won't be that bad". He even made fun of the butt pad I had made for my M44...well when that fell off he was not laughing anymore. I believe he said "I guess that did make a difference". Needless to say, he didn't go through as much ammo as I did in that M44!

    But seriously, its always nice to have someone close to you getting interested in shooting. I am definately the odd man in my family, father and grandfather neither one are big gun collectors or anything like that. For my family a gun is used for shooting the occasional raccoon or opposum thats on the farm. Now maybe if my dad won a $700 Remington...
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