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    Last night I had an hour or two that I could slip out to The Carport of Calamity (my man-cave/Western-Martial-Arts-practice-room/wood-working/firearms-storage/CO2-pistol-range/reloading-room) to work on decapping/resizing some more .223 brass. I have several hundred pieces which are all nice and washed then media polished shiny.

    I opened up the factory case which my Dies came in and set them into the press. I opened up the plastic container I store my clean-but-not-processed brass. Finger lubed a case and decapped it. Finger lubed case #2 and decapped it. Fingered lubed case #3 and watched the decapping pin force up through the collet. Usually that means an obstruction or, rarely, a Berdan primer. So I loosen the collet and let the pin drop back down then tighten the collet. Set the offending case to the side, fish in my box, and get out another case. Same thing; pin pushes up. Then a third time. What the heck? Maybe I bent my pin or something? So to check, I grabbed one of the two I'd already successfully decapped and run it back in to see if it would push up the pin. This time the case gets STUCK. I have to loosen the collet and use a punch to slowly hammer it back out. What the heck?

    I take the die back out and visually inspect the bottom (again). Well, it looks a little dirty so maybe that's it? I dig out my brake cleaner and hose it out.

    A spider pops out on a thread, trying to escape! ...he fails. :mad:

    Because the first two cases ran OK, the best I can guess is that the little guy somehow slipped into my case box (a closing plastic, repurposed, empty baby-wipe container) and took up residence inside case #3.

    Ended up with two or three more stuck cases after I cleaned it. I figure that either the Die was extra dry and the case lube wasn't spread right (brake cleaner, remember?) or I somehow got some lube on the shoulder area. Cleaned it again and made sure I was finger-lubing properly. Seems to have cured the issue and I decapped & sized about 100 cases before I ran out of time and had to return to Daddy Duties.

    frick'n spider

    Peace favor your sword,
    Kirk (Spider Slayer)
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    Watch out now for all the insects that spider would have killed and ate! :)

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    Also be aware that you need to crank down on that collet to hold the decapping pin. It really wants some elbow grease to stay put.
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    That is NOTHING compared to all the Brass he would have ruined!!! :mad:


    Glad you got him, KLAWSON!
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    Naw, the spider was just catching a "boner" every time it was put in a "tight" space and displacing the pin! :rofl: