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So...how are recent prices in YOUR area?

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I had to laugh when I saw the pricing in the following ad in my local paper:

"GUNS!!!!! 45 acp high point $450, 9mm hight point luger $300, Remington model 597 22 long rifle $150. No background checks. Call josh at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

All misspellings are exactly how it appeared. Oh, and if anyone's REALLY interested, I'd be happy to pass along a link to the online version...
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Saw a c9 for 145 bux in the logal gun shop. Not bad if i had the money i woulda snagged it
We have a local store here that has them on sale right now. The .380 is $119, 9mm is $149, .40 and .45 are $159 and the .40 in OD green is $169. I was able to get .40 ammo for $16.99 for 50 rounds, American Eagle. I also just picked up a box of Federals at Walmart for 12.97. Here is the store I bought my pistol at. http://vanceoutdoors.com/
Unfortunately, the only store somewhat local (i.e. 1 hour away) that sold Hi Point pistols has ceased to exist (I was always wanting carbines anyway, and they didn't ever have them), so it's trickier now for me to locate anything for reasonable pricing.
some Yahoo is trying to sell a c-9 for $350 on our local classifieds. I paid $100 for mine from the same classifieds. lol
Yep what Howie said. Vance's here in Columbus. It's nice to live in Ohio sometimes.
I haven't been back to the LGS in a while now.

Last time I went, the door to the guns store had a sign that said, "Please use other door" and an arrow pointing right.

I looked right and saw a door that entered into another storefront that said, "Fast Loans, No Credit Check".

The sign on that door said, "Enter here for Fast loans, and the Gun Shop. Please bring two recent paystubs, a local utility bill, your work phone number, your last years 1040, your checking account number, and the title to your primary vehicle, a blood sample, and the birth certificate of at least one minor in your care."

The crazy part is, all the gun shops seemed to have a variation of that theme now. lol
$135 for C9 (I got the last one 8)
$155 for the .40 and .45 cal
no carbines :(
It's not that the people with the high priced classified ads are way out of whack, I think, it is just supply and demand. Sad to say, there are many "less desirable" people out there that are more than willing to buy at those prices, because they can't pass a background check, or simply want to do an "off the radar" purchase........ :blink:
C9/CF380 are about $130 here, JCP and JHP are roughly $150. Used basically take $20 off each price. Carbines are running close to or just above $200 for the 9mm, I haven't seen any .40 around here in a long time.
used 4o carbine for 265 and i got it cuz theyre dryed up around here.
if anybody is close enough there is a USED hi point c9 for sale for 99.99 plux tax here in ATHENS OHIO.

u may even be able to talk them down a bit if it has exceeded the 30 day shelf life before they negotiate lol.

some prices here are still fair. others have sky rocketed. alot like the forum here... 250 dollars for a USED hi point pistol.... ahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah.
In my area Hi-Point pistols are:
380 - $119.99
9C - $139.99
JCP 40 S&W $179.99

Carbine 9mm $189.99
The shop don't have any at the moment but I got a used C9 for $80. out the door and a 995 for $140. out the door. Both work great being used...Just put 1,000+ rds through each and only 3 hic-ups w/ the C9 using the cheap WWB from Wally World..Same with the 995 but only 1 hic up.
I ran MANY rds of Win. Ranger 147gr HP through them with out an issue. I have yet to clean either but man they shoot good. Ugly is tuff..I like ugly.

(needing ammo!!! heh j/k..Hi-Points rock, plain and simple) Ohh..the HP .380 worked perfect w/o any issues as well.
Cullman Alabama....995...$199...two of them
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