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  1. So we were running errands today and I had to go change the boy. I took him into the bathroom and had him down on the table. He wasn't having it and, of course, was screaming his little head off. Well, about the time I'm doing that, this kid who's about four or five prances up and is like, "A baby! Hi baby!" and stands there next to the changing station. I don't really care, just a curious kid, he can hang out. Niko's still screaming, though, and the kid kept going, "Baby, baby, baby!" Not loudly, and at first I thought it might even be repetitive enough to calm him down a smidge. His Dad comes around the corner and sees him. Tells him, "Leave them alone bud, they're busy," and starts using the urinal. I haven't said a word this whole time, just focusing on the task at hand.
    Then I see this kid's hand come up over Niko's mouth and I just reacted. I reached out and took hold of the kid's forearm really firmly. Not squeezing, not twisting, but he wasn't about to get out of that grip. Was a bit surprised at how fast I moved, to be honest. And I just looked at him. He looked terrified, and I remember just feeling this sense of pure fury. At this point the Dad looks over his shoulder and sees me. I didn't even have a chance to explain myself, he just looked down at his kid and said, "See what happens when you don't listen?" He zipped up, apologized for him, and hauled him out of there.
    I guess I'm just thankful I didn't have my ass painted all over the bathroom walls, because if the situation was reversed, I can't imagine not being totally pissed.
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    You had a father's instinctive protective response. I'm sure that the other guy probably knew exactly what was going through your mind and would have done exactly the same thing in your situation.

    Don't feel bad. Be proud that you have the proper instincts. You were being a protective dad.

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    Never be able to know, but I'd bet money that little johnny wasn't his first kid.

    Your first kid you tend to be mega protective, helicopter parent. After some time, however, you get to the point of, "let him pull the book case down on top of him. A sprained shoulder might teach him to listen to me next time."

    I've seriously been there. Honestly. There've been times one of my kids came to me (sometime crying) with a boo-boo and I looked at them and said, "you did that thing I told you not to do, didn't you?"

    By the time Niko turns 8 or so, you'll be the same way. He'll break his arm falling out of a tree and you'll take him to Urgent Care and have a discussion with him about how that's one of the possible consequences of climbing trees so suck it up buttercup.

    But, for now, this is who you are. You're Ninja-Dad. Enjoy it while you can. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I wouldn't sweat it FB......
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    So you assaulted a five year old and asking us if you should feel bad about it? :rofl:
  6. Just waiting for the liberal to show up.
    Also, where is the question? :p
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    Don't worry about this incident, the other father knew exactly what You were feeling and, he is sure to press the matter with HIS son.

    Good job, New Dad!

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    You wouldn't be. Because you'd know your spawn was being a PITA and you'd be happy the man with the baby put the fear of God into the little snot. Poor guy's probably been dealing with that brat all day. Bet you put a smile on his face.
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    dad probably told the kid he was lucky you didn't back hand him!
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    O the joys of fatherhood. I can relate to both sides. ;-)
    Get over it. Just doing your job as a dad. I also found after the third one was born it comes back full force and you baby that one worse than the first cause the other kids protect him to. Now I call him future felon he's hell on wheels. The nurses at the hospital call him crash. I asked him one day what do you want to do when you grow up. He said race trains and steal cop cars. Keys are hidden :-(
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    I have had a couple of moments where LEO voice comes out on unsuspecting children and a slightly milder version from the "hands that rocks the cradle"on the playground with a kid who was terrorizing our middle child after being told not too. if the school hadn't done **** I feel I wouldn't have had to step in. Moonz is much more diplomatic then me in that regards. i tend to be a little aggressive when it comes to my children
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    I was at a baseball game for one of my boys a couple of years back before I started coaching. I watched some little punk ass kid grab my youngest and throw him off the top of the jungle gym playground thing.

    I ran over and checked on my kid, then proceeded to come unglued on said punk. He, and most everyone at the ball fields, now know what a Marine DI sounds like. His mother came over and tried to jump my sh*t for being mean to her kid so I ended up snapping on her. The conversation ended with, "You're Mr. Snover, Officer so and so's friend aren't you? I'm sorry sir, it won't happen again."
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    Probably the only discipline that kid ever had in his life
  14. It is quite funny; by far, military bases are the places I see the most misbehaved children. Not even branch specific; I've been to Air Force, Navy, and Army bases, and it's really weird. And it's ridiculous, but understandable as to why; I was volunteering at the base thrift shop the other week, and there was this little kid running around with his parents going, "I want this!" picking something up, "I want this!" picking something else up, etc. Finally the Dad put his foot down and said, "No, this is not how it works; you do not run around saying I want this and that. If you want something, you leave it where it is and come ask politely, and accept whatever answer we give you."
    And the mom FREAKED OUT...AT THE DAD! Told him he shouldn't be so mean and shouldn't be so restrictive.
    I don't know about you, but I didn't even get that when I was a kid; if I embarrassed my Dad while we were out and about, it did not matter where we were, I got my ass tanned, and running to Mom only made it worse, because she'd just send me right back to him.
    And the worst part is that the agencies we in the military have access to are GREAT...unless you wanna make a false report of child abuse, then you're screwed. One of my coworkers was recently accused of this, and he had no less than five base/Air Force agencies on his ass the entire way for over a year before finally being cleared. One hitch in the road and a spouse can wreak all sorts of havoc.