So I got a new toy with some custom work done.

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  1. I picked up a new toy from a guy in Missouri, it's a metro arms commander. The sweet part is it has about $300 dollars worth of custom work done by a gun smith with receipts. It has a bobtail main spring housing installed, checkering on the front strap, trigger pull reduction, 70% of the beavertail desensitized, ed brown barrel and bushing installed with all the original parts as well. The guy I got it from is a competition shooter who actually won the state title one year. Anyway here's the gun.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    How much did that set you back?
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    Sweet! Let us know how she shoots!
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    ...if U have to ask... :p

    Nice Grab, Newmy!
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    So the original owner added $300 of work to a $500 gun?

    Looks great, though. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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  6. He only wanted $675 I thought that was pretty reasonable.
  7. Yeah but it also came with another $250 worth of spare parts.
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    In my opinion Metro Arms 1911's are among the best value on the market in a 1911. I have a Metro Arms Trophy and the quality and accuracy is right up there with my Colt Gold Cup and Springfield Loaded 1911's.
  9. I love it, it's got so much custom work and after market parts, I just added a ambi safety and new grip screws and bushings. New grips are probably on the list as well. I really want the VZ Frags.[​IMG][​IMG]