So....I got a phone call this evening

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tallbump, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. tallbump

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    and got offered a new job.

    I interviewed last Wednesday and they said it would be 3-6 weeks before I heard anything, so I was pretty surprised to hear something so quick.

    I have to talk to my current employer tomorrow because they want me to start much sooner than I was planning....January 19.

    I will be working for the Welfare Office (Human Services) as a case worker. So, state benefits and holidays :D

    It will be an approximately 70% pay increase....I hate math, but it's more than 50% and less than 100% increase LOL

    There will be some trade off as far as flexibility for time off and I don't know about health insurance costs...but in the end it will still make a significant difference.

    Biggest thing is it will allow us to clear up our credit a bit, start saving and hopefully buy a new house in a better neighborhood in a year or two....

    Hopefully a few new guns a membership to a range or club too :D

    But the house will be the top priority
  2. Rachgier

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    Always a good thing. All you can do is give as much notice as possible. I'm sure your current employer went hold it against you.

  3. greg_r

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  4. Visper

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    Congrats Bump! You got a Tall Bump in Pay!! Ok... sorry I had to go there!!:rofl:

    Seriously though, congrats, love to see good things happen to good people.
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  5. MaryB

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    Congrats! Your current employer can't say much if you don't have a contract!
  6. shepherd321

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    It only costs 1 soul.
  7. lsi1

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    congrats and good luck.
  8. moona11

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    Great news. Now you can pay us all the friendship money you owe us. That will be $5 per member here
  9. lklawson

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    Congratulations! It can be a rough job. Burnout rates are high. Be sure to do things to take care of yourself mentally so that you can keep caring.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  10. moona11

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    Like kicking puppies. That's a good way to strengthen your mind. J/K ;-)
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Way to go, Tallbump!

    You'd think insurance would be decent in a gov't job...but ask the folks in the office to be sure.

    The good news're going into a growth industry, right?:rofl:

    And a big plus 1 to Kirks comments, you'll be dealing with truly sad stories and total BS artists all day long, it will take it's toll.
  12. sarahsmom

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    Congratulations, Tall!
  13. SWAGA

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    Congrats Tall!
  14. I have two family members who worked as gubmint welfare case workers. Neither one of them had much good to say about their time in those jobs. Both seemed relieved to move on to something else, though the pay and benefits were as advertised above.
  15. Bull

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    Praying all goes well Bump
  16. Dagwood

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    Good for you Tallbump! Way to start the new year!
  17. Atomic_Ed

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    Congratulations! Just don't take your work home with you.
  18. rmuniz9336

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    Congrats, and good luck to you.
  19. planosteve

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    I say go for it. It will not be easy as you will be dealing with people that are really down on their luck and scumbag scammers. Just keep in mind that you are helping those that truly need help and preventing scum from gaming the system.

    Remember that we are here for you if it starts to get you down and need to bend an ear.

    As for the money, if it will help you and your family improve your lot in life that is very important. Just think of all the pink guns you can get your girls. ;)
  20. undeRGRound

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    My son just started with the state, and is paying $540 OUT OF POCKET
    bi-weekly. These "HR People" like to make you think they are giving you
    a great deal, then whne you "jump" and land in hot water, it's not so easy
    to just quit and go back to your old job... :(

    Be Careful, TB!!!