so i have been ask

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  1. joey1117

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    So I have been ask MANY times what I have done to my hi-point....well pretty much the same as everyone else but thought i would post a few pics will notice I dont have a trigger ...ha ha every time I get one on there someone asks for one so I tell them it will be the weekend before I can run a batch or they can have mine and well as you see .....maybe one day I can run enough ahead to keep one......anyhow the sightmark red dot holds zero very well out to 12 yards after that it gets real hard to dial in or im just asking too much from it or maybe im not that 12 yards she holds a very tight group so it was a fun mod

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  2. SWAGA

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    I like the jeweling of the breech block.
    What did you use to do that?

  3. joey1117

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    you can do it with a pencil eraser but i have a tool i use for it with diamond compound in it
  4. rbarna94

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    You did a good job on the grips

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    Doood! That's like being invited to Jimmy Dean's house for breakfast and being served Farmer John's sausage.
  6. You can do that with lapping compound and a wooden dowel in a drill press, rubbing compound or toothpaste will work also.
  7. bluebone

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    I'll bet farmer John makes a better sausage than Jimmy dean.
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    I'd rather not taste either Jimmy or John's sausage.
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    +1 that!!!!
  10. mcmar

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    How did you mount the AIM sight? I do have one of triggers.
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    BTW, just as a reminder... You're in Dayton so you get a free invite to come out on Tuesday evenings to Western Martial Arts. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. Mr joey, youve just inspired me to learn how to jewel! From my research it seems easy enough, but im still going to practice on scrap first.
  13. joey1117

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    doing it is really really easy the hard part is getting the equal spaces blessed to have a machine to aid in that just go slow it can be done by hand i have done it
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    Joey i think you just gave me the itch to do the jewel on my jhp ill start on the barrel just like you did

    Then may be some parts of the slide

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  15. bluebone

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    i may just have to jewel my .380 comp.

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  17. Ok I can screw up a quote and a reply to! Well, at least I have my good looks!

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    my bad. Of *COURSE* you are invited! Your teen+ kids too. :)

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