So I made a Kydex holster.

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    Over the last few months, I looked at various holsters. IWB, Shoulder Rigs, OWB, etc..

    I remember thinking "I could make that" several times.

    So I ordered some .08" Kydex sheets off of Amazon.

    I also needed some stuff to make a press. I called a local carpet store and they gave me some padding samples, just because I asked nicely. :)

    My wife refused to let me use the oven, but I did have a heat gun I picked up at Harbor Freight, it worked fine, you just have to keep the gun moving.

    My angle grinder and drill took care of the cutting and hole-making, and a flap disk took care of the final shaping and smoothing. I used my improvised press (two old cutting boards, carpet padding, and some paving stones) to do the main molding. I used the heat gun and my hands to tweek the final shape and adjust the tension so I can actually draw my pistol and re-holster.

    I did not take pics during the build, mainly because I was too busy building it. to document the process.

    So here are a few pics of my new Kydex IWB holster:

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    have you carried it yet?

    I've played around with a couple of the hybrid holsters heating them and reforming them around a new carry pistol but have never gone that extra step of building a press and using new kydex.

  3. JohanBroad

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    Not yet, I just finished it last night.

    I have tried it on, and I know I'll have to make a few adjustments to make it perfect.