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I've been wanting one for forever and my dads coworker just sold him a C-9 for $80.00 (only shot one magazine through it) and we went over to his house to pick it up and we were checking out his firearms and turns out he has a glock 26 he wanted to get rid of so I jumped all over it and im going to pick it up this weekend for $345 with two 10 round magazines with pearce grip extensions on both.

I have a C-9 and I was wondering if anyone in eastern NC(I live in jacksonville) has any 9mm glock magazines they would want to trade for my C-9 and 2 8rd magazines, only shot 50 rounds through it, it has light holster wear no problems with it at all when I shot it. So yeah any takers? I'm not turning my back on Hi Point..I got my 995 and it is hands down my favorate gun so dont worry guys.
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