So, I'm thinking about buying a 1911...

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a 1911 in a couple of weeks and I wanted people's opinion. I've been seriously considering the Springfield Mil-Spec. Does anyone have a price estimate on this? I'm planning on checking some places tomorrow but was curious what you guys say.

    Today, I happened to check my local gun store's sales flyer online. They have a "featured gun of the month". This month happens to be the Taurus PT-1911. $499.99 .45 ACP blued two 8-round magazines. Flyer is here if you want to take a look. Scroll all the way down.

    So, I was curious, how does the Taurus PT-1911 compare with the Springfield Mil-Spec? Is that a good price for the Taurus? Which would you recommend?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. You are fine either way--- Out of the 2, I would pick the Springfield though-- Nothing against the Taurus in the least though hey are quite nice in their own right...

    Springfield just look more authentic IMHO...

  3. Ari

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    I like the spirit of the Springfield company. I do not think they have a dog in the whole product line. I would buy the Springfield in a heart beat. (Springfield has a Hi-Point type lifetime warranty) No offense to the Rock Island guys. I just really like Springfield's way of doing things. I am going to get a 45 in the next year, I am really debating getting a nice 1911 or the XD45
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    The Springfield Mil Spec ranges in the $500.00 - 600.00 range.
    I personally am going to buy the taurus pt1911. All the bells and whistles that this gun comes with and a lifetime warranty, how do you go wrong for $500.00. This gun will be my second 1911 and I will be shooting it all the time. So for me it will be a nice beat around gun ( a shooter). I have held and have dry fired it and the trigger was very crisp. The feel was great. My advice to you is look at the reviews of both guns online. Then go to your local gun stores and feel them, check them out. You may even find a nice used Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Caspian, Rock Island or something else you like more. I used to be a impulsive buyer but now with the age of the computer, researching first is key.
  5. I own a RIA and like it a lot. It's mil-spec and will interchange parts with springfield and colt. All for only 395 NIB. I'm getting another one real soon.
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    I've never had a problem with my Armscor .45...and it was only $265 NIB.
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    The springfield is nice, a buddy of mine picked up one the same day I bought my Kimber Custom Carry II, we both put 100 rounds through them a few weeks back and they both shot perfectly.
  8. I paid $399 for my Mil-spec Springfield off there out there yah jus gotta spend the time to look. However if I could have found a deal like browwiw I woulda jumped all over that !!! You gotta freggin steal man !
  9. If you're going to spend $500 on the Springer then spend an extra $200 and you'll get a stainless Springer with all the bells and whistles
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    Bah! you have a high quality .45. Go and buy yourself another caliber. Go get the Neos they have in that store -save you a lot of money-
  11. LOVE my springfield, can not even begin to sing it's praises enough to give it credit for how smooth and perfect that pistol is. Any model of springfield will make you a very happy 1911 owner. I also love Taurus brand, but have no experience to offer you on their performance, but there is alot of good feedback on them out on the web worth looking into. Usually when it comes down to two pistols I'd recommend holding both to get a feel, buuuut there wouldn't be much, if any, of a difference between the two. So if you can get two side by side, check them both for part fit, trigger squeeze, tool marks, and so on to get an idea of quality of the manufactoring. I am confident you will find nothing on the spring or the taurus, but worth looking anyways. Not bashing Kimber here, but I have seen several issues with their 1911s that you would never expect to see from such a company. Always worth looking at the the handgun before purchasing.
  12. 'Tis true. I do have a high quality .45. But I'm not going to carry a Glock. The lack of a "safety" would make me uncomfortable. And I'm not going to carry a .22 either. See, Kelo, the plan for the 1911 is to have it as my carry weapon. If I get my CWP before getting the 1911, the Glock will be my temporary carry weapon.
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    that 1911 is too big for a good carry gun. Get a 380.
  14. I owned a Springfield 1911 Gvt Model in the 90's and it was a fantastic gun, would buy another if I were looking for a new 1911.

    From what I have seen the RIA's are very nice, field and shooting grade, guns. They are also built to mil-spec so no problems when it comes to replacement parts or aftermarket upgrades. The Taurus 1911 is also built to mil-spec standards but has a nicer finish that the RIA's.

    Would have no problems buying the SA, RIA and Taurus 1911's because they are basically the same gun with different grades of fit and finish.
  15. Are you referring to the "loaded" Springfield 1911?

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    i dont have a 1911 but im also looking at a taurus 1911, either that or maybe a para ordinance, stainless though.
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    I was over hearing some of the local 1911 guys talking to one of the 1911 smiths. There was something that they brought up something about Taurus 1911 that they upset about. I am going to have to get back with the 1911 smith and have him tell what it was
  18. I'd rather go with a stainless steel one too.

  19. My bet snobbery... but that's just my guess.
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