So I'm thinking about getting a Ruger Mini-14

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  1. browwiw

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    It'll be a few month down the road yet, but I have been saving up to get a Mini-14.

    I was kind of stuck on choosing between the stainless steel/synthetic stock or the normal ranch rifle set-up. Then I realized that Ruger is producing the Mini-14 in the new 6.8mm Rem. I want the rifle for long-range target shooting, but being a Kentuckian I am pathologically incapable of owning a rifle that can't also be used for deer hunting. I know the .223 is capable of taking a deer, but the 6.8 would be far more appropriate. I even checked out the new NRA model, but it's far too expensive for my income/time frame (really is nice, though)

    The .223 is more common and thus less expensive, but the 6.8 is, well, new and thus somehow inherently better. I am torn.

    Could I get some advice?
  2. NWdude83

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    There are only 5rd mags for the 6.8mm. Consider the Mini-30 for now.

  3. My thinking mirrors yours, browwiw. Because the 6.8 is new it is most obviously better. :lol:

    I also agree with NWdude83. Neither is flawed logic and therefor the obvious solution is to buy both! CCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Dangit, back to reality. I suppose you are like everyone else, a mere mortal in the checking account balance arena. One or the other right? Well in that case consider what the cost of ammo is and then figure out how much you're willing to spend to shoot as often as you'd like. After you have that figure get the one you think you want. Mag capacity isn't important to me so I'd still go with the 6.8 because the best argument has been made. It is new and therefor you will be some of the first to get one. Sound logic for many, foolish impulsiveness for many others. My personality allows room for both theories to survive, thankfully. Good luck and don't forget to show us pics of what you get.
  4. The Mini-14 isn't what I would consider a "long-distance" type of rifle. The ones I have heard about typically had a hard time keeping inside 3 MOA. Just second-hand heresay, but I have heard it nonetheless.
  5. I read an article not long ago from, I think, Jim Carmichael about the Mini's. He put his two cents in about the rumors of poor accuracy and pretty much debunked that notion. In box form they are not sniper rifle accurate but, then, how many such rifles are? I've shot my buddies Mini a time or two and had no accuracy troubles what so ever. Buy guns, have fun!
  6. Ari

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    I have owned two Mini-14s and mine had some real draw backs in accuracy. I guess they have made a few changes to them here not long back. What are you wanting to do with it? And how much are you looking to spend?
  7. NWdude83

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    I read like 2 years ago that Ruger improved the accuracy of the Mini-14. Not too mention they have a new Target model.
  8. hero_saku39

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    Here many months ago when I took the time to get serious about arming myself again I was looking at the mini-14 for the amount of "bling" available for them. I wanted a good shooting gun with a tactical look/feel to it. Then I discovered how modular AR's are. All manufacturers uppers are capable of shooting 5.56 also....not to mention you can find uppers chambered from .22 to 6.8mm. And best of all they can be MUCH cheaper than I thought, especially if you are up to building your own. I plan on building two soon....a .223 and .22lr for the ultimate plinker.
  9. Ari

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    Ya if you are even looking at the Mini with the harmonic balancer on it it is very close to the price of an AR. The AR is no longer just a rifle, it is a full weapons system. (Totally modular)
  10. I just never understood why someone would want a Mini-14 when the AR-15 is within the price range.
  11. browwiw

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    I knew this would turn into a "get an AR" thread. I don't want an AR. I want the Mini-14.

    I really don't want to sound petulant. I've just made my mind up on the Mini-14. The AR does absolutely nothing for me.
  12. HPHooked

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    For those of us raised with the 1903, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and M14 / M1A, it's about having that operating handle on the side that you can thump on to close the bolt on a problem round or open the bolt on a stuck round.

    I have an AR in the locker, was trained on an M16 in the Marines, but really trust my life to the Garand based weapons that I have. The Mini-14 has all the pluses of the Garand action coupled with modern technology materials. So it has a 3 M.O.A. spread at 100 yards. Consider that the kill zone on a person is about 10 inches by 12 inches and 3 M.O.A. is not a big problem.

    Is this a sniper rifle for sub-MOA groups @ 500 yards? No. Will it take a wolf, coyote, jack rabbit or gopher @ 100 yards? You bet you sweet patoot it will.
  13. Ari

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    I guess the only reason the ARs came up is that you brought up words "long range" A match grade AR with a heavy barrel will blow the mini from the ball park when it comes to long range accuracy.

    Get something else to deer hunt with get the mini in .223 As you can afford to shoot this.
  14. uncle jerky

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    I have owned 2 scoped Ranch Rifles in 223(sold 1 one to Z71 Silverado) and now own an older model Mini 14 that I use open sights only. Have owned a scoped new Stainless Mini 30(7.62x39) and currently own an older model wood Mini 30 that is also scoped. At plus or minus 100 yds the Rugers really perform. I've shot mine using brass and steel cased ammo and have used magazines ranging from 5-30 round capacities. These guns are really well made,are simple to maintain and of the 5 I've owned,NEVER has one EVER failed to function 100%, 100% of the time. Each gun has fed,fired,ejected and reloaded a round,over and over and over again. I also prefer the way a Mini shoulders and cheek welds vs. the ARs that I've owned. I was at a gun show this weekend and there was a proliferation of ARs,but very few Mini 14s to be seen and NO Mini 30 for sale. Interpret that any way you wish,but I see it as shooters seeing a good value and acting on that. If I was you,I wouldn't hesitate and get out and buy 1 before someone beats you to it!!
  15. I have one that I bought for my step father, he hasnt picked it up yet so I've shot it a couple times. Accuracy isn't anything to write home about, but I could still knock down a rabbit with no problem at a hundred yards. Good enough for me. Alot of people get caught up in demanding the highest of accuracy out of a rifle, but when it comes down to it, if I can hit a man size targer center mass at a hundred yards 5/5 shots, then that's good enough for me. sub moa costs money, and is worth it, but not every rifles needs to have it, especially a deer rifle. The mini is a damn rugged rifle that is a well designed should woods rifle.
  16. Silicon Wolverine

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    Mags are your biggest problem. 95% of hi caop mags out there SUCK. The only ones i ever got to work right with mine were eagle poly mags. They dont last long but they feed well when they are still in one piece. Mine was an older model that would string vertically as it heated up but ruger has apprently fixed that problem with the newer rifle. You also may want ot consider an AR-180B. target quality barrel, uses standard AR mags and is gas piston opperated. Also about the same price as a mini or a standard AR

  17. Well there are actually many more things an AR can do for you that the Mini-14 can't. :lol: Hey if you want a Toyota Corolla for the same price as a BMW, then go right ahead. It's a solid firearm, but for the cost many would rather choose a complete weapons system in the Beamer.
  18. Mini-14 and AR arn't really on the same price point. Bought the mini-14 for 325 and the AR for 925. almost three times more. Sure you can get a cheap "Scratch and dent/used" AR for 600ish, still way more then a mini 14.
  19. hero_saku39

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    that's BS info........did you buy a new mini-14 for 325? and how come I can buy a new ar-15 5.56 for under 700 but you can't?

    You compare base to base and they are on the same price point.

    Sorry for the hijack........just hate when people put forth incomplete biased info.......

    the mini 14 is a fine gun, was just making a suggestion.....