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  1. Ridge

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    And Glenn Beck is talking about an AZ senator's proposed bill to allow CCW permit owners to carry their weapon on campus...its amazing, a man in the mainstream news who is actually FOR people defending themselves!!!

    His headline story; the official word is;

    The Government Sucks

    ^^^his words^^^

  2. Glen Beck is on CNN?
  3. 99/100

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    The Headline News channel. Starts @ 1900 EST and repeats later.
  4. got ya. i dont get that one and had never seen him on cnn. what a shame. it would do cnn some good.
  5. I have no use for the talking heads, Glen Beck included, but it's good to see him on the right side of this issue at least :)
  6. We need more Senators thinking like him for sure. Maybe some of the violence would decrease if the bad guys knew there were no more "gun free" zones.
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    my wife loves Glenn Beck, so I saw that one and whole heartedly agree. the church shooting in Colorado Springs prove that an armed, trained person can stop a threat and save lives!!! how would it have been different in all the tragic shootings if some one had been able to shoot back I remember an interview with a student a Columbine High School who said some thing like he wished he had his gun because he could have stopped them before they killed so many. when will the main stream realize that criminals don't care about laws they're already breaking them thats why they're criminals. and restrictive laws only harm the law abiding citizen! *steps off soap box*
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    I think law abiding citizens should be able to carry wherever except where alcohol is served...
  9. I really wish I could carry on campus. I saw a detective at work the other day(I work on campus at a tech support office) in khaki's and a button up shirt/tie w/ a glock strapped to his belt. Made me wish I could even more. Nobody even seems to really notice something like that, much less that i've got something like a pf-9 invisible in my pocket...
  10. I just gradurated from EKU this past December and I can tell you a lot of guns lived on campus. In my car I had my old single shot shotgun. My roommate kept something under his pillow. Also I cant tell you how many times I cleaned my blackpowder pistol down in my dorm room. Most of my firends did the samething.
    There was many people who also carried while they were on campus. I would say half of the commuters I know carried and there was also a few professors who carried.
    I must also say I was in the law enforcement program too so that might be why I saw so many guns on campus