So I'm watching my cat

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  1. I'm watching one of our outdoor cats, Betty....

    This is twice now she's wounded some poor field mouse and brought it up the doorsteps to torment it for an hour then finally kill it and eat it in front of me. I've never seen a more efficient predator, but it escapes me why she feels I would interested in watching such a gruesome spectale.

    Obviously she let her PETA membership expire. :)
  2. Ari

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    I have always dug cats... Some folks don't understand cats so I think that is why they don't like them. She was honoring you with one of the coolest things she knows. She has no clue that anyone might not find that fun! :lol:

  3. Yeah...ACtually, I do have a lot of respect for their hunting ability. I once had a dog that "shared its kill" with me too. It was aborder collie, and it's favorite prey was skunks. There's nothing like coming out the door on a nice morning and finding a dead skunk laying in the doorway. :p

    They use nothing but god-given abilities. All their weapons are built in. There are times I would love to have their sensory acumen and their speed and dexterity. I wouldn't want all that fur all the time, tho as cold as it is here right now, that wouldn't be such a bad thing either. :wink:
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    funny, out of the two cats that we have, neither of them show any interest in hunting. One is fat and lazy and does nothing but sleep (i'd say 22 hours of the day, the other two spent eating) and the other one acts like a dog and scavenges. He will eat anything. ANYTHING. his favorite is carpet lint. so i doubt he would die out in the wild, hes like me, eats anything and doesnt complain :p
  5. I love watching my animals. Doesn't matter which one, they all do cool stuff when they think no one is watching. Cats attack the dogs. Dogs watch the lizards and so on. We just got two sugar gliders so I set up a little wireless night vision camera in their room (they are nocturnal) and hooked the receiver up to the TV and watched for almost an hour as those little goobers fly all over the place running on their wheel, chasing each other, bouncing around like nut jobs. Nothing as entertaining as watching the pets imo.
  6. When I was a kid we had 2 cats like that.... pretty gory stuff.
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    +1 on loving my cant buy love like my mutts give.I'm laughin with ya loop.Nothin says "I love you dad "like a dead skunk!
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    I was at my buddy's place...was watchin his cat....its just laying there, staring at the window...I look out the window, and there is a squirrel chewin away on god knows what right outside...Im like "get it! its gonna get away!!" and the cat starts slowly moving forward down on its belly....sadly wasnt stupid enough to jump at it...guess only dogs do that...
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    I know of cat that jumped a rabbit... The rabbit almost killed that cat! Blood and kitty fur all over the place. Cat also lost a ear...
  10. I'm not a big cat fan. Something not right about an animal that will let you pet it, and purr, then for no apparent reason, turn, lock up your arm with 4 legs and bite you till you knock it off with a baseball bat or other hard object.

    :evil: :lol:

  11. :lol: :lol:
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    I've had several cats over the years and always enjoy watching them hunt. For the things they are interested in, like hunting, they are pretty smart. I once had a cat that figured out how to catch hummingbirds. Normally if she approached them they would just go straight up and she had no chance. So after I caught her once where she had actually caught one I watched her to see if she had figured it out or just got lucky. We had a bush in the back yard with red flowers that the hummingbirds liked a lot. The cat just slinked on her belly around the planter boxes until she got at the base of the bush on the opposite side from the bird. When it hovered further into the bush to get at the flowers that were further in, thats when she made her move. She jumped and came up through the bush and the bird couldn't go straight up anymore since it was surrounded by the branches and she got it. Pretty smart!
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    That is what I mean some folks don't get cats. :lol: Don't pet the think wool it up.! thump on it! People see me thumping and wooling my cats and think it looks mean. BUt the cats keep coming back for more. Cats play rough! that is how they are.
  15. If it had been me, I'd have kept the cat away from that bush. Hummingbirds are beautiful! Thats why I have an indoor only cat. He has never been outside and never will be. House cat all the way.

    Did you guys know that there has been a significant reduction in song birds in the US? And, neglected house cats are 99% responsible for this?

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    An animal [dog or cat] that shares their kill with you or leaves it on the step for you to see is looking for praise. they want you to know they are doing their job, so look up to them and tell em they done a good thing and thet're wonderfull hunters. ALL 3 of my cats are indoor only cats but they still have the hunting instinct in them our youngest will actually leap in the air and nail a moth if they happen to fly in when the door is open
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    My cats are indoor cats since we moved to Arizona. Where I live here a cat would become food for, take your pick, coyote, hawk, horned owl, bob cat, couger. Thats not to mention getting messed up by javelina or rattler. Come to think of it, maybe I ought to start carrying when I go out to get the newspaper and its still dark. So they only hunt inside like moths, flies, and SCORPIONS! They are good at spotting those bark scorpions and are immune to the poison.
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    We had rabbits when I was a yout. One day the mother rabbit (mean old wench) got out and was attacked by a roaming doberman. She killed that doberman. I don't know how, but we found her all scraped up near the rabbit pen and the dead dog next to the house. Crazy animals.

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    true, the main reason I dislike cats.


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    I LOVE cats mine can be a real love or a mean old thing if she gets a hair wrong but mostly a love cat

    She's my baby!!