So is this a "crap shooter"?

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  1. Pardon the pun...meh, not really...

    So my 19 mo old son Gavin is learning The Way, and naturally, he needed some reading material. First thing he grabs? Daddy's SOG catalog, or as he calls it, the "bang book". I'm not sure what kind of shooter he's gonna turn out to be, probably one of those big .308 NATO semi kinda guys... heh...
    Unlike my 15-going-on-16 son who loves nothing more than big bore boltactions and big old wheel guns. He has no time for anemic 5.56 caliber semi's or semi sidearms.

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    He isn't paying you any attention, just like i do when i get a hold of a good bang book.

  3. LOL - this IS great pic!
  4. Good picture.

    You must keep your gun flyers the same place I keep mine.
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    Now thats funny!!!!
  6. I just woke up my NCO that's trying to sleep cuz I laughed out loud at that one!!!! That's hilarious!!!
  7. Thanks guys! He is the little roughhouser in the joint. Loves football and baseball, and will watch "Futureweapons" with the ole man endlessly (much to mommy's dismay). Probably this spring I'll get him a classic Red Ryder BB gun and one of those mini .22 rifles for safekeeping til he's like 6 or 7.
    This summer we'll see how he likes camping and gold diggin with the ole man and his big brother.
  8. Ernie,

    I bet SOG would get a kick outta that, might make one of their ad pages.
  9. I sent it to them yesterday. Hopefully they got a kick out of it.
  10. Thats funny