So, looking for some more good reads...

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    I jst finished "Lights Out." Great read for being unedited, and even at its >600 page length it never got boring. On average I read probably 50-75 pages a day, though it was PDF so probably comparable to 100+ pages in a normal-sized paperback.
    (Lights Out: ).

    Before that, I read Max Brook's "World War Z." Finished that in I think 3 days, even though it was the week before finals.

    Before that, I read Max Brook's "The Zombie Survival Guide." It was the second time I'd read it since it came out. I also finished it in about 3 days. I let my stepdad borrow it and he read it cover-to-cover in 10 hours strait, heh.

    So, now that you have an idea of the kinds of stories I like. Any suggestions? Ill take books, stories, short stories, collections of short stories, etc. Things available online are preferred. I just want at least a temporary replacement for TV...
  2. have you ever read " one shot one kill" good read

  3. Try a series by William W. Johnstone. Starts out with "Out of the Ashes". The rest of the books have the word 'ashes' in the title. Came out in the mid '80's I believe.

    They are in the same vein as "Lights Out".
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    I have a copy of World War Z sitting on my coffee table and have been meaning to read it!

    My favorite author(s) are Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. They have written some terrific books together.
    Relic, Cabinet of Curiosities, Ice Limit, Brimstone, Dance of Death, and Riptide. Just a few of my favorites.
  5. I know it's almost a threadjack, but I've been reading Clarence Thomas' autobiography My Grandfather's Son. I know he's probably not a favorite Justice of most here, but he is one of the 9 people who will interpret the 2nd for Heller.

    It's not a great book by any means; it almost reads like a 'politically sanitized' PR piece; but it does shed a bit of light to help understand why he seems to be unwilling to provide much information about his decisions.

    After reading this bio I'll be looking forward to reading the dicta on Heller even more...

    As for 'end of world' stuff. Some old but still interesting books:

    Earth Abides written decades ago. What would happen to human society of 99% of people died from illness.

    Alas Babylon is an interesting snapshot of 'what if' from half a century ago. People in rural Florida try to survive after a nuclear exchange with USS.

    These kinds of books have been fascinating me for a long time.
  6. was just about to post this one! Damn good book! There are alot of former operators here in the Ft.Bragg area and I actually got a chance to shoot with the author at a past IDPA match. Guess he was just in with friends and family, but he was a great guy and even better shot.
    This is where i got it:

    and let's not forget
    All Roads Lead To Baghdad
  7. W E B Griffin is an excellent war story writer, I do not know if any of his many books are online, but I know the ones that I have read were excellent.
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    I just ordered this one!

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!