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so so day with two hp's and wwb and a .22

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So went to the range to break in my new .40 and a new c9. I took 100 rounds wwb 180 grain 40s&W and 100 rounds 115 grain wwb 9mm. Both being unfired I figured I would have some tweaking to do.

Well I was right lol ..the first 20 rounds through the .40 I had two stove pipes and two double feeds.I did a little tweaking on the mags and all was smooth..like really smooth until I hit 80 rounds, then another feed issue. Though this time I believe it was actually the shell casing itself, it was really marred up and did not look like "fresh" marks from the ftf. It is possible I did not notice when I loaded the mag. All rounds though were the "green" rounds by winchester all flat noses which surprised me on the all in all way they fed which for the most part was awesome. I will say I do not believe I will buy anymore of the wwb "green" 180 grn though. the partial jackets over the led is spotty at best and left me with a very dirty .40 and I think attributed to the ftf's.

This was a new c9 I picked up and was never fired. I took my older trusty 10 rnd mags and two trusty 8 round mags with me. Sub par performance... failed to fully chamber 5 rounds in the first 50. I kinda leaned towards the well it is new and not broken in yet c9. I did tweak one 10 rnd mag but had no effect during the first 50. Now, rounds 51 through 100 seemed much much better with only 1 ftf. The trigger though is just tight as hell. I am going to give it a good cleaning and polish the feed ramp tonight on it and put a few hundred rounds through it next weekend. It should loosen it up some.

I had to bring the plinkerton with me just to have something fun I knew would not give me issues. My girl was supposed to go with me but she had some family thing to do. So it was me and her plinkerton lol 200 rounds of remington and winchester went like butter. I am not sure what the deal was with the remington but it was like shooting a small blackpowder lol..very smokey shots for real, the guy shooting a .38 next to me came over during one of my reload sessions and asked what kind of ammo i was shooting he was getting smoked out lol. All in all, the plinkerton is decent, shoots a little to the 3 o'clock range dead center aim. At 15 yards I was about an inch off.
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All in all sounds like a fun day to me. Sorry to hear about your FTF issues.
I would take that any day! sure beats cleaning out gutters & raking f*+^[email protected]# leaves!!!
from what I've read with most owners of the hi-points is
the handgun usually has some need, mostly minor, but
those needs gives the owner the responsibility to massage,
tweak, whatever on his companion. Whether its polishing the ramp,
oiling before your first shoot, or whatever, you start a relationship
and it sounds to me, that once that starts, you start becoming a
true friend to the hi-point firearm and this community. I like
tinkering with stuff and when I get my hi-point, that will not
be any different.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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