So tell me about the 4595TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by SEP, Oct 26, 2015.

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    As I mentioned in my intro thread, I bought a 4095TS for myself and a 995TS for my son (he loved it). Very impressed after taking them shooting. So much so that I purchased a second (used) 995Ts for myself as a 'trunk gun'.

    Well, knowing me, since I now have both the 995Ts and the 4095TS I'll eventually have to get the 4595TS. Probably an OCD thing; ;)

    So for all of you 4595TS owners, feel free to share why this is a must have carbine for the 'collection'.

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  2. moona11

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    Because its a mans gun. ;-)

  3. moona11

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    O and girls like it to.
  4. talon

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    Its exactly the same as your 4095, just shoots a manlier round.
  5. MachoMelvin

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    My friend, you don't know JACK about OCD!!!

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  6. Liberty

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    Two words: Buy it.
  7. MachoMelvin

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    Nobody can own just one?
  8. SEP

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    Nice collection. Pretty much one for every day of the month and then some :)
  9. SEP

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    Kinda like Lays potato chips I guess :D

    I'll probably start looking for a nice used one in my area. There was one guy in the area selling them for $255 (995TS), $265 (4095TS) and $275 (4595TS) but haven't seen his ad in AL for a few weeks. I'll keep checking though. The used 995TS was an early B-day present to myself so I figure Christmas is coming up....
  10. MachoMelvin

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    I started out small, with just a few like yourself. I then expanded to one of each carbine. Then one of each color, and then one of each model? Now, only one more of the older models before I start on the newer models. It never ends, just a little OCD, ya think!
  11. SEP

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    Question: Why do you need so many guns?

    Answer: Because those damn zombies aren't going to kill themselves.


    In regards to the 4595TS, I'm going to assume it's as smooth shooting as the 995TS/4095TS?

    I'm also curious about the velocity increase. I am definitely NOT a velocity junkie. My opinion is that in a handgun a round needs only enough velocity to exit the barrel, travel to the target and perform as designed. Anything extra only increases muzzle flip and reduces the accuracy and quickness of follow up shots. However, in a rifle such as the HP recoil isn't as much of an issue so an increase of velocity can be a positive. From what I've seen from YT videos the 995TS has a velocity increase of just over 200fps and the 4095TS had a pick up of just over 100fps. If anyone has chrono'd either of these carbines does it stack up with your results? And if anyone has chrono'd the 4595TS I'd be curious as to the increase in this caliber.
  12. SWAGA

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    .45 ACP tends to be pretty slow moving as is...850-950 fps.
    I don't have a carbine but a wild guess would be in the 50-150fps range depending on ammo.
    There is a point of diminishing returns. Just don't know what it is.
    Had to throw that out there to show I'm edumecated.
  13. moona11

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    You forgot its also a mans gun. ;-)
  14. I bought my 4595TS new a year ago.Bought 2 extra mags.Fired around 800 rds in it so far.Able Ammo had wolf performance 230gr. steel on sale and I bought alot of it.Also my old retired friend had a shoe box full of brass reloads he gave me,was moving and wanted it gone.I had a half dozen FTF's from the reloads,none from the wolf brand.On 3, 6" steel plate targets,at 50-60 yds,nearly every round hit the plates using the factory sight settings out of the box.No mag issues or FTL.There was hardly any paint left on the targets that day.We were sitting down with elbows on the table and sighting it in.It didn't really need it.I'm not a avid shooter,mostly for recreation and fun.Bought a new JHP a couple months ago.Haven't even shot it yet.The carbine and the handgun just go together.For the prices,you can't go wrong.