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    Hey all,
    So I was at the local shop by me here in NJ and they showed me a nice little set up they had for sale. The Hi-Point C9, hard case, 2 mags, laser and k-bar knife......all for $254. Now to me I think that's a good price for all of that however, I'm not sure if it's the compressed model or not and whether it's the 8 or 10 round mags. But I'm very interested in picking this bad boy up after all of the great reviews I've been reading by Hi-Point owners and also the article from Shooting Times I found online was also great. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. That does seem like a good deal, depending on the Kbar knife and the extra mags + the hardcase.

  3. sounds ok for me. i don't care too much about the laser and knife. is it a compensator c9? it must be, why else will it come with laser. anyway, a c9 compensator usually run about $189 without any deal, plus two mags, knife, case, and two mags for $254. it's not bad at all if you thinking about how hard it is for finding a c9 comp.
  4. I'd say price for all the toys is about right, maybe on high side but not by much.

    Questions are these perhaps: what are you gonna use it for? The compensated C9 is a bit big to carry. How many knives do you have? My experience with less expensive lasers on handguns is not good - I've taken mine back cause they don't hold zero. Some on here have had better experiences. Do you need laser?

    So, while the package is cool if it meets your needs, and I'm not saying it doesn't or won't to be clear - for me it's like getting another printer with every computer you buy. I'd rather have another gallon of ink for the ones I have!
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    that's true but here in NJ it's damn near impossible to get a concealed carry permit so it's more of a range/home defense gun and the dealer actually only has the one in stock he doesn't have any of them just plain ole gun and mags just the set. I just bought a S&W 22a from him and got him to knock off $35 from the price so I'm thinking I can get him to drop the price down from $254 for sure probably to about $225 or so or maybe can get him to throw in a box or two of ammo. Unfortunately I've been reading about all you guys being able to buy ammo cheap at walmart but the walmarts in nj stopped selling guns and ammo, same with the sports authorities and the dick's sporting goods only sell long guns now. Our gun laws and regulations are super stringent around here which is a major pain.
  6. wow, i feel sorry for you. sounds like nj gun laws are tighter than CA.
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    yeah it's pretty bad around here but I'm actually heading to Florida on Friday so I'm thinking about hitting up the local Walmart by my brother down there and stocking up heavily and shipping it home to save some money.
  8. sounds like a plan.
  9. I believ a c9 comp comes with an 8 and ten round mag from the factory. Not a terrible deal.
  10. Here is a price guide from NH.

    C-9 comp with laser comes with two mags already (8 & 10) = $200-$220

    Kabar = $20-$40 depending on the size.

    Hard case =$10

    It doesn't sound like a deal or rip off. Pretty much right on.
    If the deal included a 6 inch authentic Kabar (not Kabar-like) then it is a very good deal.
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    hey thanks for the good input, I'm goin over to the shop tomorrow and trying to work a deal on it all but thanks for the input it always helps!