So THAT'S where all the ammo went!

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  1. lklawson

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    Police: Delaware Wal-Mart Worker Stole Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammunition, Survival Gear
    March 16, 2015 11:54 AM
    By Steve Beck

    MILFORD, Del. (CBS) — A worker at a Wal-Mart in Delaware is accused of stealing thousands of rounds of ammunition and survival gear from the store where he worked.

    Investigators say 35-year-old Linwood D. Hallman Jr. is facing a felony theft charge. Police say the thefts began on January 31st.

    According to the Milford Police Department, during his employment at Wal-Mart, Hallman Jr. removed several thousand rounds of ammunition and survival-related items from the store.

    Police say that detectives recovered the ammunition from a home located on Butler Avenue in Lincoln, along with a rifle scope and survival bags and kits. Multiple firearms and knives were also seized from the home, police said.

    Hallman Jr. was arraigned and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution in default of $5,000.00 secured bond. ​

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  2. talon

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    I fully understand seizing the stolen ammo and gear, but, the firearms and other items if legally possessed at the time of his arrest had no business being taken into police holdings.

  3. bluharley

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    He has been arrested on felony charges. Felons can't have guns, maybe that's why they put them in holding?
  4. Rachgier

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    But he is not yet a felon, only suspected of committing one.
  5. SWAGA

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    Thousands of rounds huh?
    I'll bet it's a couple of bricks of .22 the ultimate TEOTWAWKI survival round as we all know.
    Lethal to a mile and a half.
  6. bluharley

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    We don't know that yet? Maybe he is!
  7. Rachgier

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    Yeah well maybe you were the one who suggested they took the guns because he was charged with a felony.

    It happened to me in Goldsboro, NC. I was pulled over and arrested for assault while I was transporting some of my firearms. They confiscated my guns saying they were evidence. The case never even went to trial and was dropped. I went back with my property voucher to get them back they day they dropped the charges just to be told sorry, my guns had been destroyed a month prior when they came in. After 6 months of fighting it a judge awarded me damages. Current market value. Not investment value, even though I provided receipts and documentation, market value. I lost a ton of money and am willing to bet that every single gun they "destroyed" was sitting in the safe of a Goldsboro pd officer.
  8. bluharley

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    Why would you suggest that? I didn't say it was right... All I meant was that maybe he has a record already, it wasn't stated in the article whether he had a record or not. As for your experience, yea, that sucks, I might have gone to small claims court to try to get more out of them.
  9. Rachgier

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    It was small claims court. I even had a JAG officer for a lawyer.

    They also didn't say the guns were his, who else lived in the residence, and with what justification did they confiscate the knives? They also said he was committed to a correctional facility. Usually that language is reserved for a mental health issue not a standard arrest.

    This is crap article written with less than half of the story. Almost like they wrote it based on a police blotter entry on Facebook.
  10. lklawson

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    Well, it is a CBS story after all. ;)

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  11. bluharley

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    So, we have no facts, but let's argue anyway, it's fun!:rolleyes:
  12. tjulian

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    I'm surprised there's no real discussion of the arsenal in the home.
  13. rickm

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    Use to be you was innocent til proven guilty now your guilty til proven innocent. And the prosecutor doesnt have to prove your guilty the defense has to prove your innocent.
  14. bluharley

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    That's true :(
  15. lklawson

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    In the news story or here on the forum?

    If in the news story, then it's just because they forgot to try to make a big deal of it.

    If here on HPFF, then it's because if "multiple firearms and knives" constitute and "arsenal" than most of us have "massive arsenals." The majority of us have "multiple" firearms and knives and many of us have collections for which the count exceeds our fingers and toes, even if we drop our pants as well. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Went on a three day competition trip with a group I coach at school, we shared the bus with two other rural schools.

    We were talking hunting, guns, etc, and one of the kids from another school joked that I probably had a gun on me...then he made an even bigger joke, that I might have two.

    I just smiled and laughed, didn't bother confirming that he was right...:cool:
  17. Liberty

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    So let's take what one might have in their home - and this can be had for a couple thousand dollars:

    Hi-Point C9 black frame
    Hi-Point C9 grey frame
    Hi-Point C9 Comp
    Hi-Point 995TS
    Hi-Point 995 monkey gun
    Hi-Point 995 chrome
    Two shotguns, one your dad gave to you when you turned 16 and that one you couldn't pass up at the pawn shop
    A Mosin
    Two .30/06 hunting rifles
    A .22 pistol
    Grandpappy's .22 rifle
    Half a dozen pocketknives because who doesn't?
    Assorted hunting and fishing knives - probably more than a dozen
    Couple of air rifles for the kids

    You practice twice a month at your local range, and go through ~250 rounds each time, which is about 6,00 rounds a year. This is NOT a large weapons cache at all. 9 rifles and 4 pistols is not a lot of firearms, and easily fits into a small gun safe. This doesn't count rounds you shoot when you're out hunting, and most hunters will admit they don't take two bullets or shotgun rounds when they hunt.

    Ammo for the above: 6 firearms in 9mm alone that you want 4 ten round magazines for, 240 rounds IN MAGS - alone. Just for the Hi-Points. You're likely to have roughly 10,000 rounds if you're the average Joe, (not even enough for two years of target practice) probably 20,000 for all of the above.

    You're the designated driver, and a buddy gets into a bar fight, and you break it up. Cops arrive and throw everyone in the back of squad cars while the courts sort it out. Now they've got you on a felony assault charge, raid your house, and in the paper you have "over a dozen guns and tens of thousands of rounds of lethal ammunition." Last I checked, all firearm ammunition was lethal. All it takes is one round in the right spot and someone can be killed.

    The media hypes it all up. Now - this guy did steal a crapton of stuff, but where is any logic? J. Jonah Jameson types hype everything up to make it look like 20,000 rounds (barely a 3 year supply) is some massive amount of ammunition, that you're practicing for the zombie apocalypse, and are so mentally unbalanced as to start using children on the street as your next set of targets.

    The media plays a part in this - acting like ANYONE with guns & ammo and other protective devices is a crackpot. Now add to that the fact that pretty much anyone can print anything on the internet and Gabby Giffords, a woman with brain damage, becomes a hero to wackos. She's currently lobbying to make every legal gun sale go through the exact same background check that her mentally unstable shooter had to go through. WTH?

    All because J. Jonah Jameson Jr. is barely eking out a living as a nighttime beat reporter, making barely more than minimum wage and trying desperately to pay off their college loans, so they write this tripe.

    Give me a few and I'll tell you how I REALLY feel.
  18. ArmyScout

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    If he committed a crime they can confiscate anything and everything.
  19. Liberty

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    I disagree. Police have no right to confiscate anything they want. They do have the right to confiscate anything *pertinent to their investigation* - EVIDENCE - but not anything they want. They also do not have the right to destroy property to get to it, either, despite what they'd like you to believe. Constitutional right to *REASONABLE* search and siezure.
  20. SWAGA

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    Lib, when I read your previous post I had to think of the Jerry Misculek video's where he's in his " office" explaining stuff and he's got literally thousands of rounds of ammo on the shelfs behind him.