SO the wife sends me a text

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by tallbump, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    With just this picture....

    Don't know what all they have, she's not into firearms AT ALL so I guess I'll have to go see for myself

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  2. FlashBang

    FlashBang I Stand With Talon Lifetime Supporter

    I would consider that an implicit OK to buy anything you want. :D


  3. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    Don't fall for it, it's a trick.
    Similar in cunning to the one where your wife shows you a picture of her hot friend in bikini.
    Don't even say anything about it!
  4. mn_doggie

    mn_doggie Member

    You have personal experience with that trick?
  5. jwright

    jwright Member

    I agree with swaga walk away
  6. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Don't tell TNT, he'll be "Told you so!" for days!:rolleyes:
  7. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    Like he could read that sign.
  8. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    My wife has hot friends.............
  9. No doubt

    When confronted with such a trick, I will say something like: "My God! How do they keep that pool so clean!?"
  10. Rerun

    Rerun Member

    As Betty and Wilma used to say...

    "Charge it!"

  11. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    GO FOR IT, TB!

    Be a MAN, get what you Want! (at least one!)
  12. That's not complete until you add the giggle at the end [ame=""][/ame]
  13. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    Rubbing it in... no she is not saying go buy one :D
  14. lsi1

    lsi1 Member

    mine too it sucks.
  15. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    Plead Ignorance... It will be worth it to sleep on the couch for a month! :D
  16. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    Actually did go out there today.

    Honestly, didn't even see anything I wanted. A few decent deals, but nothing really interesting to me.

    They had a H&R Pardner Pump Protector for $140. That's the

    They also had the Henry .22 (not Golden Boy) for $250. Wouldn't mind that, but not worth going into the dog house for
  17. lsi1

    lsi1 Member

    Tall that pardner pump for $139 you texted me is a good deal chinese knockoff of the 870 but a good one. there are 2 differences the back of the receiver isn't rounded like the 870 and the magazine holds 1 more round which makes the barrels not interchangeable with an 870 but all other parts are. As a matter of fact its more comparable to the 870 police or wingmaster as the parts aren't metal injection molded like they are on the express.

    I have the interstate arms hawk 981r which retains the 870 receiver shape but is otherwise the same as the pardner. I had to put a wolf magazine spring in it to fix some failure to feed issues but has been perfect ever since. i put it in a bullpup unlimited stock and its working great.
  18. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    Pic as per your request ;)

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  19. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    I like the Pardner enough. In fact, I almost bought one instead of the C9 as my first firearm. Heck, if I had, I probably would have never ended up here.

    I did call my buddy to tell him about it, he's been looking for a shotgun for home defense.
  20. lsi1

    lsi1 Member

    thank you for enabling the posting of my gun porn tall.