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  1. This hit my Facebook inbox earlier, and...well, here:

    Confused? I was. I thought maybe I made an offhand comment someone didn't like or something, so my simple reply:

    Her reply:

    Stolen valor? Non-friends on my profile cannot see where I work, nor are any pictures viewable to the public on there are me in uniform or anything. However, if you are a friend of a friend, you can see my occupation, which is "SSgt at United States Air Force." Sure enough, we have one mutual friend, one of my childhood friends whom I haven't seen in years but still occasionally chat with. I considered shooting him a message, but figured I'd take care of it myself:

    Deleted the convo and almost blocked her, but I kinda wanna see what she has to say next. I'm actually kind of excited. :p
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    I wonder what made her think you weren't really serving?
  4. It's actually not the first time I've been accused of this.
    I was actually accused once while I was having lunch in Ohio in the mall food court (speaking of which, Kirk, that Cajun Ming place at Fairfield Commons; can you order me some of their lo-mein and crab rangoon and FedEx it to me?); it was my designated lunch break during my shift, so I was still in my ABUs. Some woman walked up with her kid and just leaned in and said, "I won't make a scene or anything, but you might wanna go home and change, you're not allowed to wear that if you're not actually in the Air Force," and walked away. I would have laughed it off, but her kid could hear it and he was like four, which means he's walking around out there now with a memory of me in his head that has, "Fake Airman," plastered on it.

    The second time was actually at my LGS; I was talking to an OSI agent who was there doing some range time on their LE course, and the associate came up and said, "Stolen valor is illegal right?" She said yes, and he pointed at me and said, "Slap the cuffs on, this guy told me he was Air Force while I ran his check." In front of a damn OSI agent! Of course, a simple showing of my CAC solved that and he got a dressing down by both the agent and the shop owner, who knows me very well.
    A buddy of mine in the Marines gets the same treatment a lot; he got out a while ago and is now a long-haul truck driver out of California and he has to keep a copy of his DD214 in his glove compartment he's gotten it so many times.

    I know the mentality; hyper-vigilant, thinking they are being heroes for calling out fakers, but not bothering to do their research. It's become a lot more prevalent lately thanks to high-profile fakers and all the websites popping up like Guardians of Valor and others who, don't get me wrong, do a great job, but often inspire people to jump all over people.
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    Guess you don't look like 'real' AF....:D
  6. Hell no I don't. I slouch, I swear, I eat unhealthy crap, I'm not the fittest guy on the planet...
    Wait, no, that means I look exactly like the real AF, they must think we're professional or something. :p
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  8. I'm on mids right now, so I'm keeping myself up.
    The kid sleeps a lot and the wife pretty much take care of him during my sleeping hours to make sure I get enough so I don't malfunction at work and start WWIII.
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    That sucks. Never had that happen to me. Must be my pretty face :-D But I have busted on more fake GB in bars around here. Same story they claim to be SF and I ask them questions which they don't know the answers. Then I call them on there BS. Mostly NG guys on weekend drill. And these little boys have never been deployed I know the CO and laugh at them. E thinks its funny.
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    I've said it before in other threads, and I'll say it here, too. Some of these people who are so "hyper vigilant" probably define the entire value of what they've accomplished in life based on a single term of service. Because they've possibly accomplished little else of significance since then, they have to validate themselves, periodically, by shrilly screaming "stolen valor!" for their next YouTube videos.

    Stolen valor is despicable, but running around like a wannabe witch hunter is just pathetic. At this point, the entire "stolen valor" fad appears to be more about self promotion for the ones who scream it, more than it is about protecting the honor of serving for those who actually serve or have served.

    It has been hijacked and, quite frankly, is beginning to negatively reflect on service members and veterans.
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    NE Utah
    It must just be you, Flyboy. You just look like some momma's boy and people think there's no way you could be real military.:D

    It's funny to me, how people with no clue gets things so screwed up. I've heard this: you can tell he's not real military, he took his hat off when he came inside!:rofl:

    Heard another one...he's a faker, look at those brown boots!:D

    And the ever aren't supposed to wear that uniform when you are off duty are you? You just trying to impress everyone?

    To which the guy said, ma'am, I'm not a cop. We don't change out of uniform at the station. Besides, I AM on duty, I'm escorting the widow of a man who died last week in Iraq, as she settles his affairs. You run along now, and have a nice day in the peace and freedom they bought you.

    She just put her head down and headed right out.

    People clapped. Seriously.:cool:
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    Maybe I am just too gullible, but whenever I see someone in uniform, I just give them the benefit of doubt.
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    Great food there, for a mall food joint. Do you want me to include a vial of E coli or do you prefer for it to grow on its own during transit? ;)

    Peace favor your sword,
  14. Just dump it in there and mix it all in a big jug.
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    I always thought it was just kinda sad; a wannabe playing soldier. It's not as if he can get actual benefits unless he manages to con a restaurant owner into giving him the Green Discount. I just don't get the appeal. If you want to be military (or ex-military) then go do it. What's the big deal? <shrug> Oh well, I guess some people are just pathetic and lazy.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Maybe I'm just not that easily impressed. I realized at age 7 that just putting on "Army cloths" doesn't actually make you a "real Army Man." If I were a business owner giving a Green Discount, I'd want to see ID. How is this so difficult?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    It's the attention and once you have it you want more.
    'I want to be a hero' complex that a lot of people have to some degree.
    They just don't display it in public like the 'stolen valor' guys.
    We live in a society that prouds itself on 'herofication'.
    Perceived 'hero's' are out on a pedestal for all to admire.
    As far as I'm concerned I think we do this waaaay to quickly.
    Everybody that saves a kitty is an instant hero.
    Certain insecure people long for that and create a persona that impresses other people and now they're caught in a lie.

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    Yeah. Being involved in Martial Arts, I've seen more "Soke's," "Creator of new Martial Art," and inflated & invented credentials than you can shake a stick at. It's endemic to the hobby. It even includes one man whom I am personally acquainted with. Wasn't it enough for him to be a leading member of the WMA community? eh, whatever. I'm not impressed by Martial Arts "ranks."

    I'm just not easily impressed, I guess. I don't really care who you are, if you say something that doesn't make sense, you'd better be able to back it up with logic and proof. If you say something that is backed up with logic and proof, then I don't care what your credentials are.

    I'm not impressed by people just wearing a uniform either. I see them all day long, 5 days a week. They're just normal folks. If you wanna impress me, then do something impressive. :)

    I agree completely. I'm about to write something which won't be popular in today's society, particularly on a gun-friendly forum. Just because someone is military doesn't automatically make them a "hero." A hero is someone who does something heroic. Serving in the military, while honorable and laudable, isn't automatically heroic, though it may present more opportunities for heroic deeds. Audie Murphy was a hero due to the deeds he performed while in military service. Elvis Presley wasn't, for the same reason.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    You're dead on Kirk..... If you served, you have my genuine respect and gratitude, but I agree that alone doesn't make you a hero.
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    True dat....just didn't want to be the first one saying being the token Libtard and all....