So what's going on with the ATI stock fix?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by 47_MasoN_47, Apr 8, 2008.

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    I haven't posted in a while, been rediculously busy with school and work, but after browsing a bit it seems like nobody is doing anything with the ATI stock issue anymore. When it was first mentioned the forums were bustling with activity about what is causing it and so on, but now that we know everybody has just stopped talking about it. I haven't shot my HP in a while because I don't wanna risk screwing something up, but I'm not gonna take off my ATI and lose use of the accessories I bought for it.
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    If you have a problem after installing a ATI stock contact ATI first to see if they have a fix for the issue, if they don't then contact Hi-Point to see what action/parts/repair is needed to get your carbine running. Just remember Hi-Point requires you to ship your carbine back in its original Hi-Point factory stock for repair and not in the ATI stock.

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    I'm talking about the whole thing with the slide moving too fast or whatever it was that HP said the ATI stock caused. I personally haven't had any problems from mine whatsoever, but I don't want anything to come up. They claimed to have seen lots of repairs coming in because of that problem.
  4. It seemed to me that when the news came out that Hi Point was bringing out their own new stock design, the ATI stock issue was moved to a back burner, so to speak.

    That is how I saw it anyhow.
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    Kinda seems that way to me. While I'm excited about the new stock for when I get a 4595, I don't want to buy a new stock for my 995 when I already have so much money in the ATI on my 995. I guess I can always just shoot it anyway and if it breaks it breaks. I'm thinking about getting a Sub-2000 this summer anyway :/
  6. Fortune coockie: "It is difficult to make a fix, for something that is not broken"
  7. Just get there 995's. One stock, one for your ATI, and one with the new stock. Problem solved :).
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    Although 4095's advice is very tempting, I think I'll stick with Bushman's advice and just shoot it anyway. Oh well, I have lots of other stuff to play with if it breaks.