So you're at an outside bar, and someone shoots..

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. bluharley

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  2. SWAGA

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    It's not he shot him in the head or something.
    The guy had a bucket on his head and suffered a gunshot to his "upper" body.
    That's quite a miss.

  3. FlashBang

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    Mother Nature culls the herd.

  4. planosteve

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    Well the article didn't say if he had any warning that the idiot was going to shoot at the bucket. If he gave no warning I don't blame the guy that got shot I blame the shooter.
  5. Liberty

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    It's implied - he was a pledge. Shame someone lost their life.
  6. bluharley

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    What gets me is it seems to be ok to pull out a gun and shoot at this bar. I ride a bike, but I hate biker gangs, and the "biker" attitude.
  7. Bull

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    I've got a buddy that rides with a support club for the Bandidos..... I love him like a brother, but he's pretty rough.
  8. undeRGRound

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    I'd say that prospect should have known he was not going to make the cut... ;)
  9. bluharley

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    I knew a guy once, decent guy. Got his @ss on a Harley, and it was like he thought it was his right to be a complete @sshole. Haven't seen him in a long time.
  10. lklawson

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    Apparently, alcohol diminishes not only your ability to weigh consequences but also your aim.


    Peace favor your sword,
  11. undeRGRound

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    That was likely his "inner self" anyway. :confused:
  12. cicpup

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    Gotta love "Natural Selection".
  13. ArmyScout

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    I had a first cousin who we were not only related but the best of friends for years. Then when he turned 30, he bought a Harley, joined a Peoria Area biker club. Spent time in jail twice, completely abandoned the family. But he is gone now and I still at times wonder what happened to cause him to join a Biker Club and become a felon.
  14. Think1st

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    I think people initially join the questionable clubs because they are trying to fill a hole that exists in their lives. They probably believe that they can enjoy the status of being around the criminals without becoming one.

    Unfortunately, being in that environment probably erodes their perspective, and they end up gradually being drawn into the illegal aspects of the club.