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    I carry a Beretta Tomcat in my hip pocket or a Bersa Firestorm in the 5 o'clock position. Though I'm right handed I find that I prefer the grip that left hand holsters present from those positions. Just wondering if others share that experience?

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    5 o'clock is too far back. 3 or 2:30 for me............mess up your back in a car accident at 5.

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    Some opinions here..

    So What Is the Big Problem With Palm Out Carry/Draw?
    There are a lot of reasons why I feel Palm Out carry is wrong or significantly less desirable. Lets get started:

    1: Strength of Body:
    Have someone stand next to you on your strong side. Now put your hand in the back of your waistband in the palm out position. Have your partner put pressure against your elbow and see how easily you can “draw” your imaginary gun out. Now repeat the same experiment with palm in. You will find that when the wrist is twisted so as to have the THUMB between the gun and the body you will have much greater strength. How big of a deal is this in a draw? Probably not a big deal but on the off chance to have any resistance that you have to fight you would want to maximize your ability to overcome that resistance.

    2: Safety of Muzzle Direction:

    When you draw with your palm out you are forced at some point to turn the wrist in order to position the firearm on target. In that turning movement you are very likely to sweep the body with the muzzle of the gun. Not muzzling yourself is in fact difficult.
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    I tried several holster types and positions to find what worked for me, each one for two full days: one weekend and one workday to allow for various types of clothing and activities.

    I settled on right front pocket carry (in a pocket holster, don't be that guy) as the default and OWB at 4 o'clock as the alternate. Either one is convenient for dressing, comfortable for standing, walking, sitting in the truck or on a chair. Neither interferes with the seat belt. I ruled out shoulder holsters because I didn't want to spend all day sweeping the entire population with my muzzle and I find the additional clothing requirement inconvenient.

    I've fallen on my back and injured it before without having a hunk of steel strapped by my spine. I can only imagine how much worse it might have been.

    That's for me. Everyone must explore options and find what works for them. Safety advice as posted by SWAGA should weigh heavily in your decision making. Good luck!
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    No need for credit when I just posted a link but thanks.
    Settled on (mostly) appendix carry myself.
    OWB 3 or 9 o’clock
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    OWB 1600 position
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