SoftAir Walther P99

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    just picked up the walther p99 as a small gift for my g/f. $15 at academy, it sure beats the hell out of my Airstrike 240 in every aspect.

    we shot and refilled a 2,000bb container while watching TV on the first day we had it. the 240 was so wildy inaccurate there was no use in trying to practice anything besides safe gun handling, w/ the P99 i feel confident shooting may improve as a result. Might also substitute as a fix for the range when i cant get out due to other obligations.

    I can hold a group as small as a quarter from across my room (prolly 12') GF hits the 8.5x11 target but not w/ any regular pattern. as her airsoft groups diminish i expect her range groups to improve vastly.

    Makes a great Living Room plinker, but i wouldnt want to use a single shot repeater in an airsoft battle. Ill most likely be picking up another at $15 to stop us from fighting over the new toy.

  2. Looks just like my P-22! Sweet!

  3. z71silverado98

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    yea i originally dismissed them as useless toys. while ill never spend $200 for a FA airsoft gun, i dont mind having a few $20 ones lying around to practice w/. Its alot easier to setup and shoot in the living room w/ the traps that come w/ the gun than to create a trap outside that can catch pellets.

    ive also started the punishment in my house, that anyone breaking the firearm rules w/ my guns gets shot in the rear w/ the airsoft of their choice. Ill say that muzzle discipline improves greatly after a bb or 2 to the rear. The pesky finger on the trigger when you pick up the weapon has stopped and everyone checks the chamber 3 times.

    its easy to become complacent about ND and AD's if you never see it happen, but the threat of a sharp sting in the butt helps to curb that. Im also eligible if anyone catches me.
  4. :lol: that is the funnist thing I have heard in a while if you like the walther you should try the crossman pro77 its CO2 powered and the slide blowsback like the real thing might want to give it a try also it feels real alittle lighter than an HP but well worth it
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    me and the wife have a couple wells mp5's we plink with in the house and a target with a net to catch them makes for a fun time , although she gets a little crazy on full auto, they shoot at 220fps with a .12 gram plastic bb

    when we have a fight its solved outside with the same airsoft rifles but with 6mm paintballs
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    that's awesome
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    Yea not really into the CO2 stuff, I like spring Airsoft and Pump Action Pellet guns. Besides when the zombies show up its gonna be really hard to find CO2 canisters. :roll:

    I didnt know they made paintballs for the airsoft guns, im gonna have to look into getting some.

  8. Just exactly how bad does she stomp your arse? LOL!!!! :wink: 8)
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  10. rift

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    im not going to even lie and say thats not true
    she stomps me

    her first time out shooting with me she threw down a 4in group at 50
    yards with my 995

    then add the fact that she is 4.11 to her good aim you dont see her till your wiping paint off your jacket
  11. i have 8 air soft guns that me and my freinds will toss some safety glasses on and jump into the barn and just shoot each other for hours, In my opionon its way funner the paint ball cause it feels kinda realistic. except for the fact that when we shoot each other we aim for bare skin or where clothing is pulled tight.... for the most pain and effectiveness lol if you seriously get 10-15 people playing it gets intense, good way to let out the aggression.
  12. I just got one at Big 5 for $15 on sale, and it has the metal magazine that holds 12 rounds. I like it, gives the gun some good heft in your hand, and the thing is pretty darn accurate. Both the wife and I have practiced with the included sticky target, and I have to say it's pretty good for practicing mechanics.

    It has a pretty good trigger pull and everything so I can work on not jerking the shot when pulling the trigger. I'd say anyone who wanted to get one, it's a good idea to practice the mechanics of shooting without spending your paycheck on live ammo :)
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    These airsoft guns are excellent for indoor plinking. I use them all the time! You can't always get outside to blow off some real powder, but these sure do take care of that itch :)

    If you really want to see some COOL airsoft guns and what they can do in in terms of realism and function have a look at this website. I've bought quite a few guns from them. The gas guns are wild! Recoiling slides, slides that lock back on the last round, semi-auto. Plain cool!

    Here's an intesting bit of info I got from a few LEO's about airsoft guns and their BLAZE ORANGE tips. These guns are identical to the real thing, often even being endorsed by the actual gun makers. Since they're so real in cosmetics they must have an orange tip. I've been told that if you own the gun, it's for personal use in say your backyard or plinking in your home, that it's not illeagle to remove the orange tip, HOWEVER, and a HUGE HOWEVER, if you choose to alter the orange tip (warranty is shot on the spot), and the biggie, is that it's ILLEAGLE to transport ANY airsoft gun WITHOUT the blaze orange tip. If the weapon is taken anywhere off your property it MUST have the orange tip in place. If you're a dedicated airsoft player then leave the tip alone, but private owners (from what I've been told) on your property, and in your home, it's your choice. Also note that MANY airsoft websites will even display the weapons without orange tips (to make them look better for sales)
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    Nice piece.
    I might pick one up. I have an older CO2 Daisy BB pistol that looks like a Glock.
    I have been looking at the Baby Desert Eagle soft air and the Crossmanpro77 too.
    So many decisions.