SOLD! 9mm brass - pay $8.95 shipping cost only

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by August, May 16, 2008.

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  1. August

    August Guest

    I have a coffee can (11oz) full of 9mm brass.
    Pay the price for mailing priority mail, $8.95 and you can have it.
    First come, first serve.
    Send name and address when sending money via PayPal.
    PayPal account is [email protected]
    PM me if you like.

  2. This would have been better posted in the sticky "Brass exchange".

    But, no worries August, glad to have you with us. Welcome to HPFF.

  3. Ari

    Ari Guest

    What is that about 100 cases?
  4. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    well, 12 oz is a beer/soda can... i guess shipping is in a flat rate box... August, I'll take you up on that when you fill that flat rate box up! Remember me.
  5. August

    August Guest

    A 11oz coffee can is considerably larger than a 12oz soda can.

    The brass fills a 1.75"x5.5"x8.5" USPS Priority Mail package.

    To ship parcel post in the box they are in will cost over $14.
    A flat rate box is $8.95.

    Strangerous: I doubt I will live long enough to fill a flat rate box.

    What is 9mm brass worth anyway?
    I thought this would be a good deal for someone.

  6. August

    August Guest

  7. Ari

    Ari Guest

    This might help for the shipping... 114 cases of 9mm per pound
  8. dropride

    dropride Guest

    Do you still have the brass?
  9. August

    August Guest

    Yes, but I am waiting a reply from someone that said they wanted it.

    So, keep in touch

  10. August,

    Will the smaller box fit into a flat-rate envelope? Then it would only cost $4.60 to ship. I've shipped pistol bullets in the flat-rate envelope so I know they're strong enough. You just have to bump out the edges to make the envelope fatter. ;)

  11. August

    August Guest

    I shipped this am. Didn't think about the flat rate envelope.
    The box might have fit... I do not know.
    Maybe next time.
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