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  1. Selling some stuff I have laying around here not in use to help fund a new build. 6 position AR style stock with slip on recoil pad as well as M4 style fore end and 12 guage muzzle brake. Also come with a 5 shot shell holder fixed to the stock. Asking $45 plus shipping....

  2. What shotty did those parts come off of? I am wondering if that pistol grip stock would fit my Mossy Maverick....

  3. I'm guessing it's an H&R/NEF Pardner (the title gives it away ;) )


    I think most of the shotforce stuff cross pollinates though, so the stock might fit, dunno about the foregrip though.

    Worst part is, I was looking at this and thinking I might buy it THEN go get a Pardner to go with it. Like I need another excuse to buy guns!
  4. With mass production, you'd be suprised what one part might fit another gun with little to no modification. Just curious though. The question was more about what SIZE shotty as in guage/bore size, I just didn't articulate that in my previous post.

    Thanks for keep it real Brit.... :roll: :lol:
  5. Thayldt21

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    ok primal the 12 gauge shells not givin it away?? the 12gauge muzzle brake should. :p
  6. In the picture, you can't really tell what guage they are, hence the question.
  7. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Second line tenth word in. :)
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    Re: H&R Pardner/NEF Parts

  9. hpman

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    Come on guys, give primal a break. He posts 1400 emails a day, you can't expect him to read everything before he responds.

    PM sent.
  10. Har har guys.... With the amount of time that I have been lacking lately, skimming posts is about as good as it gets. My apologies for making a jackarse of myself and you guys getting a good laugh at my expense. Regardless, that stock looks the same size as one that would fit my Maverick, so if it's compatible I am interested.
  11. It's only fair I mock, being as I'm bound to make a total ass of myself before too long ;)

    And it does look just like the Shotforce stock for the Mossberg, but I'm guessing it's inside the attachment point that makes a difference and that we cannot see :(
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