Sold house / moving this weekend

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  1. Sold my house and new owners want immediate posession so will be busy for a while and dont know when I'll have internet again. I will be back when I can.
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    Good luck on the move. It really sucks to have to spend the weekend moving out of a house. Hope you have a place to move to.

  3. Man everyones moving as of late...

    No prob man, we'll see ya when you get back!
  4. Found a 2 br. apt. 10 miles from here. Spent a good part of two days finding any place to live. All the rentals are getting scarfed up by folks in forclosure. Not what I wanted, but next on a list for a decent house on a lake in the same town as the apt. Can get out of my lease by giving them 30+ days notice.
  5. Hurry back, moving can be a pain when your rushed.
  6. Get yourself a wireless router and "borrow" some internet. Most of the time in apartments people dont bother to secure their networks. Also, because of the concentration of people, you should be able to reach a few.

    Just don't do anything secure on the computer... like checking bank accounts and the such.
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    Uh, I'd be careful about that. Some jurisdictions classify that as theft and you can be prosecuted if found. Happened to one guy who used to stop outside a shop (I think coffee or donut shop) and do a little surfing on his lunch break. Was notriced by the cops and was arrested and was being prosecuted. Everyone agreed it was extreme for the offense, but it was the way the law was written...
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    I'm sorry, but if you dont secure your wifi, then you are sending an open invitation to piggybacking folks. You don't get mad when someone else smells your flatulence do you? Then why the heck do you get hacked if someone piggybacks? You paid for the food, just like you paid for the internet, you could hold in gas or let it out, and secure or not secure your wifi...

    /rant off