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  1. I have a nice Russian SKS with matching numbers I'd like to sell or trade for a 995. The SKS has a Tapco stock installed, and I have the original 10 round mag with matching numbers. I do not have the original stock, or bayonet. Looking for FTF in Florida, or southern Georgia, but will ship for actual shipping costs to your FFL. PM for more details, or your number and I'll call. Will sell for $250.00.


  2. I would have done the trade if you had the original stock. Was it one of those beautiful laminate wood stocks that the Russians had?

    Shame on the bubbaizing.
  3. Ari

    Ari Guest

    A Russian with no stock or bayo... :cry: That is sad... If it had them and was in good shape that is a $450 gun.
  4. To know then what I know now...... :cry:

  5. Still available? If so PM me.
  6. Uraijit

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    Looks like the bayonet lug is still there. Easy fix to put a bayonet back on there.
  7. Sold pending funds. If the first buyer backs out I have a couple more inline. I think I priced it too cheap! :shock:

  8. JasonJ

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    well, seeing how 995s can be had for as little as $150...

    if i was in your area id go buy a 995 for cheap and trade you up. but that would seem unethical.. but i could live with it.

    so yeah, id say a lil on the low.