Some AK Build Questions

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  1. Hey guys, just a couple of questions here. I’m an NY resident and with prices on the rise, I can’t get a wasr 10 for less than $500 at any of my local shops. With that said, I was thinking of building my own. I’ve got complete access to a machine shop, so having the right tools won’t be too much of a problem.

    So, my questions are:

    1- How much am I going to spend at the end of it?

    2- What’s included in a kit, and what’s not? *Where can I get what I need?*

    3- How much time am I looking to spend here?

    This would be my first build, so any usefull information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Just finding the kits is the hard part. The old Romy kits are drying up quickly. The flats, and other compliance parts are easier to come by.

  3. How much do they run? The kits, I mean.
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    Lets just say the kit will cost 150 just to get a rough estimate...

    then you need a receiver, figure $10 for a flat, about 50 for a blank, or 80-100 for a 100%. 1 Compliance part

    After that you will need
    rivets $7
    G2 trigger group- $35 3 compliance parts
    US mag follower- $3 1 Compliance
    US muzzle brake- $9 1 Compliance part
    Gives you a total of 6 compliance parts

    After that you will need to either parkerize, duracoat, or finish the gun how you like. Duracoating it could cost you around $20.

    As for tools, you can pull the barrel with a $15 pulley puller from autozone, you can either make, buy, borrow a bending jig. I will assume you have a press, and a welder for the rails.

    If you can find a kit relatively cheap you're looking at less than $300

    I recommend you check out
  5. thanks for all the feedback, guys.