some ammo/gun questions for you guys

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  1. OK you can see from my sig below what I have. I've been trying to stick with a few types of ammo both to save on cost (large quantity discount) and in a SHTF situation it maks sense to rely on a few ammo types rather than a dozen or more.

    So given what I have my questions are
    1)am I missing anything or do I have a decent mix?

    2)What quantities should be kept on hand?

    3)I've heard that the US military only hangs on to ammo for a preset period of time. So does this mean I need to rotate my ammo as I buy for the range to keep the "fresh" ammo in the SHTF boxes?

    4) What kind of shells should I have for the 870? Right now I just have 8 shot for something to shoot.

    And cause I see this coming up I plan on adding an SKS and a .22lr pistol over the summer. I also want a RIA 1911 and if I get that I will add a .45 Carbine
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    I think your well set for your Collection.

    While in Iraq on more then one occasion I personly opened crates of the 5.56 that was dated in the 80's.

    As for the .50 cal ammo I sh-t you not they were dated in the 1950's.
    It was even a joke we would laugh about. Every round fired with thunderous results and dead accurate.

    I would not worry, unless you are in a very humid climate and have them poorly stocked.

    I dont Know Quantity. I have 1K .223/ Could work for your Wasr.
    Around 300-500 9mm. I have an XD and thanks to waltham41 a 995 also to share the rds.
    100rds OObuck for the mossy, 7+1.
    180rds of .303 brit/ Like your MN
    And more .22lr then i can count but it is a sh-t load. 10/22, PT22, p22
    And 10-20rds of 7.62X39, I dont shoot it any more. But I fig it so easy to come by i might just keep the SKS.

    I buy all my ammo form sportsmans guide and if you use the coupons wisley and become a member you will save big over any other deals I see. EXCEPTIONS do apply.

  3. I can drive to SG and I am getting a list of what I want but were do you score the coupons?
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    So given what I have my questions are
    1)am I missing anything or do I have a decent mix?

    You are doing Ok I would add a 20ga of some kind even if it was a single shot.

    2)What quantities should be kept on hand?

    I consider the minimum to have on have on hand is 500 rounds for each manually operated firearm and 1000 rounds for each mechanically operated firearm.

    3)I've heard that the US military only hangs on to ammo for a preset period of time. So does this mean I need to rotate my ammo as I buy for the range to keep the "fresh" ammo in the SHTF boxes?

    Keep it dry and protected from extremes of hot or cold and it will last a long time. Try to buy you SHTF ammo in sardine cans if you can.

    4) What kind of shells should I have for the 870? Right now I just have 8 shot for something to shoot.

    For the price I have found that Sellers & Bellot 00 Buck in 2 ¾†and 3â€, Wolf 00 buck and slugs and if your shotgun is setup to shoot them Aguila minislugs all work well. One thing you can do to save $ is buy 7.5 and 8 shot shells on sale and a slug mold this way you can use the lead from the7.5 and 8 to cast and reload your own slugs. Make sure that you remark them as slug loads.

    WASR 10 (soon to be Hi-cap)

    Instead of making your WASR a “Hi-cap†think about getting a Saiga. You can with a little work make steel AK mags fit the rifle without modifying the rifle, put your +10 mags back tell after the SHTF and make some 5 and 10 round mags for use at the range. Saiga 10 round mags have 15 round mag bodies so if you cut the followers down and use the spring from 5 round AK mags you end up with short 15 round mags that will let you get closer to the ground potSHTF. The parts need to parts count a Saiga are available without moving the trigger group and adding a pistol grip. Keep in mind that adding a U.S. made pistol grip when there was not one there to start with will not change you parts count.

    I plan on adding an SKS

    Instead of adding an SKS think about getting a .223, Saiga offers one that works well and +10 round mags are available for it. A little JB weld and some think 101 and you can make Bulgarian 5.56 black plastic mags fit fir use postSHTF.

    And cause I see this coming up I plan on adding an SKS and a .22lr pistol over the summer. I also want a RIA 1911 and if I get that I will add a .45 Carbine
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    Go to the sportsmans guide home page. Sign up for all the adds and email stuff.

    Some times you get emails for crap you dont care about but The lovley $10 off of your order of 99$ comes threw. Now if your a member then you save even more.

    My first purchase after becoming a member I made my $$$ back and then some.

    It is worth beocmeing a memeber.

    I break my orders into groups of a little more then a hundred$$$ so I can maximize the coupons and savings.

    So say you wanted 250rds of 9mm for around 50$ and 100RDS of 00buck for another 50$$ and 500rds of .223 for say 160$ you would order the 100$ order of 9mm and 00buck. and use a coupon. then youd order the .223 seperate and use another coupon.

    Coupons can onloy be used once but they send so many of them you get like three or four a month.


    check it out.

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  6. I had thought about a .223 but I went 7.62x39 instead because much of what I read said the .223 was higher power but very light where 7.62 was a bit lower power but a much heavier round. And that the 7.62 is better all round round where the .223 is a superb round in ideal condtions but in a SHTF situation it won't be even close to ideal.

    So was that wrong or even more to the point what would a .223 bring to the table?
    Also what does the 20 ga do that the 12 doesn't?

    Not trying to be contrary I realy am wondering. I figure with X amount of space I need to justify adding both new guns and ammo for them. Now it's not that I'm not into buying more guns, I have a list of crap to order when my C & R gets here. I'm going for a .303 and a .308 enfield, a MN m44 etc. But those (other than the m44) are fun guns where I'll but ammo but not really keep a set amount on hand where the the other are going to be a case of this is the ammo level and thou shall not go below that!
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    I think you have your bases covered. I went with a Ruger mini14 to cover the .223. The main advantage I could see would be that there's a lot of organizations that use AR variants (lots of ammo on the streets). I went with SKS for 7.62 because AK prices are just ridiculous in Arkansas. anyway, I think you are very well covered. I would add that there won't be a lot of ammo for that MN laying around anywhere. +1 on Thayldt21's post on sportmans guide. they have a lot of good deals. also try cheaperthandirt.
  8. Yes, SG has great deals. I recently picked up 300 rds for my MN44 for $62 with shipping. And I'm not a member.
  9. Make sure you check Aim Surplus sometimes they beat even the best coupon and member deals out there!!
  10. 1. It looks like you have a great base. The only thing I would question is the length of your barrel on the 870 tactical. Is it the 18 incher? If so, it would be smart to have a 28 incher for any small game/birds that you may need for food. Also, someone recommended a 20 gauge, but you can just buy the gauge adapters for the 870.

    2. As many as possible. As a general rule, 1000 rounds minimum per firearm. 10,000 minimum in .22 (it can be used to barter). Then 5000 rounds for your main "battle" weapon.

    3. The majority of ammo can last a lifetime as long as it is good quality and dry. That's why you can still shoot old Mosin surplus from the 1940s.

    4. At least 250 slugs, 500 00 buckshot, and 500 #7 or #8 is a good plan. I hit a huge sale on turkey loads a few years back as well and now have 250.

    These ammo estimates may seem high, but if something ever did happen you would never regret it.
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    The only thing i can see you're missing is a .22 lr handgun and a hunting type shotgun (or spare barrel). ammo is a personal choice. i have 25,000 rounds of some types i use alot of, some guns i have a few hundred rounds at best. keep the common stuff stocked to the gills for barter and everyday usage.

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    Or a good recurve bow. :D :D :D
  13. Well a 22 handgun is on the list for fun but why for survival?

    I was thinking about a longer shotty but since I don't hunt it was kind of way down in the list. what is the effective range differance between the 18" and a 28"

    Oh and a cross or compound bow is always on the list but there are so many guns and all that ammo ahead of them. But I have been thinking about moving one up the list
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    In a survival scenario, how badly do you really want to be heard if you have to hunt to supplement your food?

    Josh <><
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    The selection of arms are good. Remember: Do not think in "Power" or "Knock Down" because even the strongest, most flexible form factor for a firearm is useless if you can't fix it when it breaks in the field. You want reliable, common equipment with the fewest parts and the highest level of confidence, and I think you've made a few good selections.

    As for ammo age: I purchased a few boxes of .303 British for my little sister on her birthday, and right on the packages it was stamped "Aug'67", and that stuff fired like it was brand new. It all really depends on how it's stored and kept. Keep it dry, keep it cool and avoid impact... keep that packing nice and snug to avoid denting casings or rims. Do that and your stash should serve you well.
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    Well the 22lr handgun is easy to carry, and bring down lots of game. Even bigger game then you would think. It you are carrying your center fire long gun looking for big game and come across a rabbit you do not want to waste a center fire bullet on the rabbit. But the 22lr from the handgun is just right. Well you can even bring down pretty big deer with a 22lr from a handgun.

    There was a very Special unit in WWII in Alaska called Castner's Cutthroats. They were true back woodsmen. Take a look at what they carried as they lived off the land during that whole campaign. They carried a 22 revolver and a Springfield bolt action in 30-06.
  17. Sounds like we could learn a helluva lot from these guys. Just did a quick wikipedia search and they are awesome.
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    They were totally awesome.. If it was not for them most of our combat troops would have had no food. These guys not only lived off the land but they feed the combat troops with their harvested game and fish. If you do not study any other story from WWII study these guys.
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    Tell that to the VC
    It shoots .223 ammo.
    It shoots 20ga ammo and a 12ga does not so if you find some 20ga ammo will have somthing to shoot it in, you can find shootable 20gaes for less then $50.00.